If you've ever had the pain of writing out a text, only to realize that there's no emoji to properly complement it, you get it. The struggle is real people — we need more food emojis.

Basic brunch staples like avocado toast need to be recognized. I also question why some of the food classics like bagels and mac ‘n cheese have yet to make an appearance. Emoji gods, if you’re reading this, these are all the food emojis that we want (actually need) in the next update. 


Bagels have existed since the 1600s, so why is it that we’ve made it all the way to 2017 without a bagel emoji? This is a major problem. Preferably, I'd like to see one with some cream cheese and lox. If breakfast can’t be complete without it, then our food emoji collection can’t be either.


The people who create emojis have come out with a variety of delectable looking desserts. They’ve got birthday cake, vanilla cake, candy, chocolate, cookies, even flan. But the single dessert oversight that I am in need of is the cupcake. They could maybe even mix it up and make this one chocolate — vanilla lovers already have their cake and ice cream.

Chicken Nuggets

It’s a little ridiculous to me that for some reason we’ve got an unidentifiable piece of meat on a bone emoji, yet no chicken nuggets. Whether they’re from the freezer, homemade or from your favorite fast food place, they’re a staple in most US households. So who do I have to talk to in order to make this one happen?


ice, popsicle, strawberry
Rachel Linder

In my opinion, summer is never complete without popsicles. Ice cream is great and all, but popsicles are a whole new level of refreshing on a hot day. If this emoji existed, I would use it all summer-long, no question about it.

Starbucks To Go Cup

You couldn’t get any more basic than a Starbucks to go cup emoji, but we need it, and you know it. There are Starbucks Coffee shops in almost every city on seemingly every corner, so this would for sure be a relatable one to throw in your group chat.

Plain Pizza Slice

The pepperoni pizza slice gets so much love, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a plain cheese one? I don’t know about you, but I don’t even eat pepperoni pizza. The 99 cent cheese slice is a staple college drunk food, so if the plain slice was an option, it would definitely be a #gamechanger for our late night texts. 

Jar of Peanut Butter

Throw it in a dessert, on a sandwich, or simply scoop is straight out of the jar and eat it with a spoon. However you choose to eat peanut butter, it’s widely known to be a favorite. I can tell you right now, if this emoji existed it would definitely be in my “Frequently Used” section.

Avocado Toast

My favorite meal is brunch, hands down. And if you’re at all up on your brunch trends, you understand the demand for a good piece of avocado toast. The emoji creators blessed us with an avocado emoji last year, but it’s time to take it to the next level.  

Lobster Roll

This food emoji probably isn’t a necessity — lobster itself rarely ever is. But I don't know anyone who doesn't love a good lobster roll. This fresh summer favorite emoji would err on the side of bougie and probably pop up in texts from your basic friend who also frequently uses the clinking champagne glasses emoji. 


Whenever I see these, I immediately think about the next time I’m going to have a package on my lap. Oreos are always a good idea and so is an Oreo emoji.

Mac 'N Cheese 

I eat a scary amount of mac 'n cheese, and the fact that there isn’t yet an emoji for it constantly makes me sad. I could tell you right now that my mac would taste much better if I could Instagram it with the right emoji in the caption. 

With the addition of these emojis, we should have everything we need to express our food obsessions. From the classics like bagels and Oreos to the trendier lobster rolls and avocado toast, your group chat would be poppin' with these additions. So, emoji creators, it's up to you to make our foodie dreams come true.