Thank goodness it's finally time for the Holidays. That means you can finally break out the ugly Christmas sweaters and start watching all of your favorite Christmas movies. For me, that means turning on the movie "Elf" and getting cozy with my favorite cocktail.

Luckily for you, we made this Holiday movie into a drinking game so you can get drunk while spreading holiday cheer. The rules here are simple, follow the drinking commands anytime #1-#6 occurs, and if you forget, chug the whole damn thing. So, make a Christmas cocktail or open up a holiday brew and get to playing.

#SpoonTip: Please drink responsibly! Spoon University does not support binge drinking or underage drinking. 

1. Every Time Buddy Smiles

We all know Buddy loves to smile and, of course, spread Christmas cheer. So every time you see Buddy flash a smile, take two sips of whatever you're drinking. This one will for sure get you spinning.

2. Every Time Buddy Eats One Of The "Main" Food Groups For Elves

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Remember, according to Buddy, the four main food groups are: "candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup." These may look gross so instead of trying them ourselves, just pound a shot every time buddy eats something from his food group. 

3. When Someone Mentions Santa

We all love Jolly Old Saint Nick, but no one does as much as Buddy himself. So anytime SANTA! is mentioned, chug for three seconds, and don't you dare "sit on a throne of lies"—I want to see that cup empty. 

4. Every Time Someone Says Elf

Doesn't matter if it's Walter uttering the word or Buddy proudly screaming it, take a sip. We'll give you a break on this one.

5. The Christmas Spirit

We all know Santa's sleigh runs on Christmas spirit and at the top of Buddy's list for Santa is to spread the Christmas cheer. With the amount of times this comes up, you'll be singing loud for all to hear. This one kicks things up a bit because Christmas spirit is crucial so this calls for three sips. Cheers to Christmas Cheer!

Some Examples of Christmas Cheer: Someone singing a Christmas song loud for all to hear, when someone starts to believe, decorations are set up, presents, Santa is on screen, snowball fights, Christmas trees, and anything else you see fit as Christmas cheer.

6. Spoiler Alert

When the movie ends and everyone finally believes in Santa, that's when you chug that drink. That is definitely what Buddy would want you to do. 

So turn on "Elf," make a Christmas drink or open a holiday brew, and enjoy. Let me just say that for this game, avoid the shots and stick to beer or a mixed drink—you don't want a hangover on Christmas morning. Although, I'm not going to apologize if you wake up the next morning and say what our dear friend Buddy says when he's feeling some pain (see below). Merry Christmas!