With the legalization and regulation of recreational Cannabis on the horizon, many questions remain: where can I get it? How will legal recreational weed be sold? Do I have to deal with other people? Can I stay in my house instead and have pot products delivered to me (while ensuring you don't have to deal with sketchy street dealers)?

Edible pot products have become a booming market for people looking for all natural pain relief and other benefits without the necessity of equipment, or desire to smoke it.  

#SpoonTip: Know that edible cannabis products can affect you differently, especially if you make them at home. You should only start with a little bit and wait before you take more as the full effects may not be felt for 30 minutes to 3+ hours.  

Fatty Patties

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Photo courtesy of terra-cannabis.com

Fatty Patties are thin mint chocolate cookies available in three "flavours;" it is recommended that only a half of a patty is taken at first. Indica, for which reviewers report that it tastes good and the typical edible flavour is minimal, incites a "body high" and is recommended for sleep therapy.  

Hybrid is in the same line of minty chocolatey deliciousness with 25 mg of THC and users can expect a mellow uplifting feeling, although everyone's experience can be a little different. 


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Katrina Cuthbertson

Terratella is a mix of Hybrid and Indica strains in a Nutella format with 500 mg of THC, which roughly translates into 20-50 doses for experienced users.

Chocolate and hazelnuts are always a bonus IMO and it's tasty AF. DO NOT EAT THE WHOLE JAR or you might have an experience like this Spoon Writer who ate more than the recommended dose of brownie.

Why this is groundbreaking and exciting

I can honestly say that this style of ordering is the best experience for acquiring weed that I have experienced. I spent two years trying to get a medical permit but many doctors are old-fashioned and will refer you to a system where you wait on a list for years.  

The only other option for many people to acquire pot entailed feeling unsafe at a stranger's house and getting weed that has not been quality controlled and could be from unknown strains. 

Instead, I can now spend an hour (or more) in the comfort of my own home picking the strains and products I'm interested in and having an unmarked package full of goodies arrive in the mail the very next day in cute, informative, smell-proof packaging (which kind of blew my mind).

Other edibles of note that Terra provides are Sour Jube Jubes and creamy peanut butter, six flavours of Jolly Rancher, drinkables like lemonade, and strawberry syrup, as well as lots of smokeables, flowers and distillations.

Your response to THC containing products often depends on how much you have eaten and how hydrated you are (similar to consumption of alcohol), and it's not a good idea to double down on getting crunk, especially for your first time with a new method or strain.

Your state of mind will also affect your experience, so it's good to be present and mindful. Some pot strains have more of a "mind" high and some more of a "body" high. THC dosing is not always accurate in homemade edibles, but industry-level quality control improves the result for edibles and OMG the selection. 

Remember, go into these experiences educated, prepared, and with a crowd you trust.