Ah, first semester freshman year. Harder classes, more independence, tons of new friends, and of course, dorm life. By virtue of living in such close quarters, you've probably seen every side of your freshman floormates—maybe even some sides that you'd like to unsee (read: 4am in the common room right after WILD). But have you ever wondered which floormate best embodies your go-to lunch spot? Here's how your floor squad would stack up as WashU dining options.

Cherry Tree Cafe: The Sweetie

chocolate, cookie, cake, pastry, sweet, butter, goody
Mackenzie Barth

Whenever you see this floormate, your whole day is brightened up by their enthusiastic greeting. Everyday you're shocked at the new ways they find to cheer you up with their sweet, irresistible pastries—I mean—smile. Just like your morning coffee and croissant, this person always makes your day ten times better.

Holmes Lounge: The Classy One

Charlotte Ohana

This freshman floormate can frequently be spotted strutting out the door in a three-piece suit for their business frat pledge event. While their busy schedule, full of museum trips and restaurant-tastings, may lead to a super long wait (just like Holmes) to hang out, it's always worth it in the end.  

BD/Village Stir-Fry: The Versatile One

broccoli, chicken, rice
Ariel Vasser

While this floormate always takes absolutely forever to get ready for a night out, they also never disappoint. Whether you're looking for a fun, chill, or downright spicy time, the stir-fry station floormate is always down. A classic on every freshman floor, people know that they can always turn to this friend for whatever they need, any day of the week. 

Bauer Cafe/Starbucks: The Basic One

coffee, milk, tea, beer
Sarah Yanofsky

Bearer of the oh-so-coveted Venti Iced Soy Latte with a pump of vanilla and 1.72 pumps of caramel, this freshman floormate is as essential to your floor as the PSL is to the Starbucks Fall Menu. While this floormate may get lightly bullied for her basic hobbies, we all secretly envy her. After all, it can't be easy to balance homework, 63 Snapchat streaks, and a tri-weekly brunch schedule.

Ibby's: The One with their Sh*t Together

Charlotte Ohana

We all have that one person on our floor who wouldn't be caught dead wearing sweatpants to class. The Ibby's floormate always looks his or her best, perfectly balances a million clubs and a crazy course-load, and has a dorm room aesthetic that is nothing short of picture-perfect. But at the end of the day, while this floormate may make us look underachieving and lazy, they really are no different than the rest of your floor—Ibby's does take meal points after all.

Now the next time you're at a mandatory floor meeting or your floor-wide PG, you and your roommate can slyly decide who the Ibby's of your crew is after all. But just like WashU wouldn't be the same without all of these dining gems (*cough, cough* best dining in the country), your floor wouldn't be your floor without the Holmes, the Starbucks, and everyone in between.