We all do different kinds of things to relieve stress: overeat, listen to music, drink coffee, head to the gym and more. But one healthy habit that all college students should participate in is drinking tea to relieve stress. Tea has been known to have many benefits such as getting rid of acne, helping you lose weight and yes, getting rid of stress. However, with all the various options of tea out there, it's difficult to pick which tea to drink. Read on to find out which teas are better than others for fighting specific stresses. 

Upcoming exams  

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Peppermint tea has many benefits for relieving stress, but there are certain aspects that can help you if you have a future exam you need to study for. Drinking this tea will naturally relax your muscles, help you sleep better and help you concentrate while you are studying. The smell of peppermint keeps you alert and focused, and heightens the sense of your brain's hippocampus, which is the storage of long-term memory. 

And if you're one of those people who gets an upset stomach before a huge test or when you're nervous, peppermint tea moves the gas in your stomach around which prevents cramping, bloating or any other stomach discomfort

Overload of school work and projects  

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Lemon balm tea is an all-purpose tea that will help you when you are overwhelmed with projects, writing assignments or any other homework. If you are losing sleep and stressing over upcoming assignments, your immune system can be susceptible to illness. Lemon balm tea is full of antioxidants which can help prevent viruses, bacteria and infections from harming the body.

Other benefits of this sweet and aromatic tea while doing homework and studying are: bringing you a sense of calmness, helping you get a more restful sleep, improving your mood and improving your memory skills.  

Receiving a bad grade

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Green tea is just what you need when you're mulling over that score of 40 you just received. Grades aren't everything, of course, but it still hurts to receive a bad grade that can ultimately have an impact on your final grade in the class. Studies have shown that Green Tea is the best drink because of its multiple benefits. While it is one of the main teas to relieve different kinds of stress, it can also make you happier. You will feel less depressed and more energized to work harder and ace your exams.

Getting into a fight with your S.O.

Lavender Tea

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What usually happens after you just had a massive fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend? You're crying, stressed out, upset and need some lavender tea to help you recuperate. Drinking it will help you get rid of any headaches, calm your nerves, and as a natural sedative, help you to catch up any sleep you missed.

After you've cried your eyes out all night, drinking lavender tea will also help rehydrate your skin. Now your body and face will be smooth and refreshed when your S.O crawls back to you and asks for forgiveness. 

Your boss at work is making your life a nightmare


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Dandelion root tea is perfect for when you are trying to juggle school work, your social life, and a job all at once, and your boss is not making your life any easier. Dandelion tea is known as a "cooling tea" because it cleanses your liver, your bladder and kidneys. With its cleansing and cooling properties, you should drink this tea when your boss is giving you a hard time to help you resist the urge to erupt in anger.

If you are experiencing any of the scenarios listed above, choose a tea to drink away your stress. Then good luck and have a wonderful, tea-riffic day. As Arthur Wing Pinero said, "Where there's tea, there's hope."

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