Ever experienced a morning glued to your porcelain throne after an evening of overindulgence? 

This sensation, drinking-induced diarrhea, is not uncommon. There are actual reasons why drinking gives you the runs, so if you find yourself in a shitty situation the morning-after, take comfort in the fact that you're not alone.

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Sarah Bundra

Alcohol, like many nutrients, is absorbed in the small intestine. And it doesn't play nicely with others—alcohol blocks the absorption of many nutrients and fluids, leaving you with more water in your stool.

In fact, it can actually cause the intestines to secrete fluids and electrolytes, which can not only leave you dehydrated, but also glued to the toilet.

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Jackie Fu

#SpoonTip: Alcohol blocks absorption of many nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, so perhaps think twice next time you pair some vino with your super-foods kale salad.

But the juices don't stop flowing there, alcohol's impact on the nervous system can also increase bowel motility and therefore transit time, leaving you running to the john.

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Amelia Weller

Some alcohol offenders, of course, are worse than others. Beer is notorious for a phenomenon known as DADS (day-after-drinking-stool), and wine isn't far behind on having a sometimes shitty reputation.

As ethanol in alcohol not only speeds up the intestinal transit time, but wine and beer overloads the digestive system with carbohydrates, you're left with more carbs than you can take at a time.

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Some of the carbo-load can make it to your large intestine undigested, meaning bacteria must ferment them, leading to more gas, cramping, and you guessed it—diarrhea.

What can you do to avoid the runny poo? Well, the answer is one you may not like hearing: moderate your alcohol intake level.

Christin Urso

If you're prone to next-day-beer poops, perhaps take it easier next time you're at the club. And everyone respond uniquely to different amounts of alcohol, so only you can get to learn your limits.

No matter what your poop-poison of choice, be sure to hydrate and space drinks with glasses of water.