They say that the main key to staying happy and healthy is to simply drink water. But for some people, that is not as easy as it sounds. 

There are people in this world that just do not enjoy the taste of fresh, clean, ice cold, water. They prefer to drink more exciting things like soda or juices. But a lack of water in your every day life may prohibit you from receiving the incredible benefits that natural water provides for us. 

It is said that if you want to increase your energy, drink water. If you want clear baby soft skin, drink water. To flush out toxins, drink water. And, of course, if your mouth is dry or you are just simply dehydrated, drink some agua to quench your thirst. 

Here are five ways to make your boring old water taste a little less like well, boring water.

1. Fresh Fruit 

Being the most natural and sweet flavoring of them all, fruit is the perfect boost that boring old water needs. It is a natural sugar after all. Really just about any fruit pairs well soaked in water and will give the simple drink just the right kick. 

2. Herb Water

This, to me, is one of the more acquired tastes on the list. Any leafy green herb from mint to basil seems to be the latest water boosting trend. Some say that even just a little mint in your water can calm and sooth the inner soul with every sip. 

3. Creative Cubes

This is obviously the most fun, innovative, and of course, bright on the list. Just simply fill up an ice water tray with any veggie, fruit, or herb of your choice and obviously water and freeze it on up. Drop these colorful cubes into your cup and watch them melt into flavorful perfection. 

4. Veggie Water

Now vegetables in water may sound the least appealing on the list but believe it or not, veggie's can taste good too. (My younger self is very confused) Cucumber's especially give water just the right amount of tang to boost flavor.

5. Tea

Tea may not be your conventional H20 but, there is a long debate in the food/nutrition world. Can we drink tea instead of water? Will it hydrate us just the same? Now, it is most definitely more flavorful than water but this question I will leave up to you. Will you be making tea time your main source of hydration from now on? 

Every one knows that water is the best drink for you, no questions asked. It's clean and it is fresh but that does not mean it has to taste so plain all the time.

If you are left feeling dissatisfied after an ice cold glass of water then these 4 natural sweeteners (and tea of course) can help with that. Honestly, hydration does not have to be so lame. 

Hopefully the next time you fill up your water bottle you give it all a little kick with these natural flavoring options. Give H20 the boost it deserves!