With the sunny weather in Gainesville proving that this fall might just be an extended summer, Bento has a new drink that is sure to combat the Florida heat. In celebration of their 20th anniversary, the sushi spot created two refreshing Dragon Drinks: the Dragon Fruit Yuzu Green Tea with dragon fruit boba and the Dragon Fruit Lemonade.

During one of the many sunny days in Gainesville, I had the pleasure of trying the Dragon Fruit Green Tea with dragon fruit boba. It was in the afternoon that I walked from my dorm to the local Bento, sweat slowly accumulating on my upper lip. By the time my long (fifteen-minute...) journey was complete, I was in much need of a cooling drink. As I stepped into the heavily air-conditioned restaurant, my relief was immeasurable. I was quickly served and sat down to try Bento's two new refreshing drinks. 

Initial Thoughts

Emma Stuart

Having never tried yuzu before, I had zero expectations going in. The blood orange color of the tea made me think that the drink was going to taste like a tangerine or grapefruit, but I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor, which was closer to a lemon-lime. While I could definitely taste the green tea, the citrus was just as prominent. The tea itself wasn't too sweet either, and while I usually love my tea with double sweetener, I think pulling back from the sweetener worked in this drink's favor. It was more refreshing because of the tartness and I appreciated how all components in the drink had a chance to shine. 

What was even more surprising than the flavor was the popping boba that came with the tea. When I first got the drink, my eyes immediately went to the dragon fruit boba because of its unique look. The clear boba had sprinkles of black seeds throughout — looking like the inside of a real dragon fruit. Made with the juice of the fruit, the boba added an element of sweetness that, as a sweet tea drinker myself, left me extremely satisfied. They had a satisfying pop that added an element of fun to the tea. 

Final Verdict

Emma Stuart

Overall, I'd give this fun citrus drink an eight out of ten. I left my Bento with a sense of relief, feeling lighter and more refreshed than I had walking in. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who loves boba and is in need of a quick refresher during this half-summer, half-fall season. Paired with a sushi roll or signature bento bowl, this beverage would be a tasty complement to anyone's meal.

If dragon fruit really isn't your thing, you can add or replace the boba with other fruity flavors. According to Bento's website, customers can add mango, strawberry and lychee popping boba to both drinks. They can also go for the honey boba — which is typically paired with milk teas — or the three jellies: passionfruit, lychee and mango. 

Both the Dragon Fruit Yuzu Green Tea and the Dragon Fruit Lemonade are here for a limited time only, so make sure to try these drinks before it's too late! The drinks are available in a 16oz cup size for $6 plus tax at all locations.