At the end of a long day just the thought of prepping, cooking, and cleaning up dinner is exhausting. Therefore, many of us turn to frozen meals, which are already prepared for us and super easy to just throw in the microwave and eat in a jiffy. Unfortunately, however, most frozen meals are super bad for you, as they’re full of trans fat and ridiculous amounts of sodium, as well as artificial ingredients. Enter Dr. Praeger’s, a company crafting ~sensible~ frozen meals and snacks that are super delicious and super healthy.

Dr. Praeger’s was started by a group of medical partners and surgeons who have some great knowledge on what’s good and bad for our bodies. The company aims to provide “nutritious, delicious, and convenient frozen foods” in order to get people to adopt better eating habits.

They offer a wide range of products that are sure to satisfy even the most unhealthy eaters; including veggie burgers, fish sticks, veggie tater tots, hash browns, and veggie “littles”, which are like fun-shaped fries, only with more nutrients. The veggie tots and “littles” incorporate a variety of vegetables, including kale, broccoli, spinach, and carrot. These give them some added nutritional value, though they still maintain the crunchy texture and delectable taste of traditional tater tots you know and love.

While some frozen veggie burgers are said to be bland and have a weird texture, Dr. Praeger’s varieties are packed with various mouth-watering flavors and maintain a chewy interior and crispy exterior once prepared. Their different veggie burgers include mushroom risotto, black bean quinoa, Italian veggie, and Bibimbap. Each burger is gluten-free, vegan, and verified non-GMO. With all the veggies they’re made with, they contain essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs on a daily basis.

Additionally, the veggie burgers are low in calories and fat, yet provide a good amount of proteins and carbohydrates to keep you full and satisfied. They’re also super versatile, as they can be used in way more ways than just a typical burger. Throw them in a salad, a wrap, tacos, a casserole, a soup, or whatever else your imagination thinks up.

All Dr. Praeger’s products are available for purchase in grocery stores nationwide. So the next time you’re in the freezer aisle looking for something easy to heat up for dinner, turn to one of Dr. Praeger’s various frozen items for a healthy meal that’ll leave your body and mind feeling like a million bucks.

Dr. Praeger’s products were given to me free of charge, however all opinions are my own.