With warmer weather coming soon, we all want to look our best. In college, students spend tons of time snacking in their dorm rooms while studying, watching TV, or hanging out with friends. This begs the question, what are some healthy dorm snack options to keep you feeling fit and full?


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Santina Renzi

If you have a mini fridge in your room, consider stocking some fresh fruit. Not only is fruit easy to eat while studying or running to class, but it'll give you a variety of vitamins for a very small amount of calories. The fruit in dining halls isn't always the freshest, so keeping some of your own in your dorm will definitely pay off. 

#SpoonTip: Fruits that keep well and are affordable are apples, strawberries, or oranges.


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Another great idea for a dorm snack is hummus! It's easy to eat more than one portion, so look for small, single-serve packages at the grocery store. Hummus is a great option for dipping pretzels and vegetables or spreading on sandwiches, as it has a good dose of healthy fat and protein.

#SpoonTip: Hummus packs also usually don't expire for a while, so you'll be able to save them until you're ready to use them.


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Almonds have a huge amount of fiber and protein per serving, which will keep you full until your next meal. They also give you about a third of your daily needs of vitamin E, manganese, and magnesium. 

#SpoonTip: When buying almonds for your dorm, make sure to look for either raw or dry roasted options, which will have little or no sugar per serving.

Cheese Sticks

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If you stick with the reduced-fat or 2% version, these are a convenient, protein-filled snack that will keep you full and focused for a long day of school. You can even pair a cheese stick with a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts for a more filling and balanced snack to keep you going.

Protein Bars

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Protein bars are a great option for on-the-go snacking, but be wary of the calorie and sugar values on these bars. Some good options to try are Quest Bars, Fitjoy Bars, and Kind Bars. These bars have tons of different flavor options, so try some out and see which you like best!

Keeping healthy snacks in your dorm room will help you to snack healthfully and stay fit before heading off to spring break.