Sometimes the dining hall just isn't an option, and as a college student with pretty limited food options, I completely understand that. A cup of ramen in a dorm room isn't sad, but you could do so much better. The world of instant foods is vast. Here's a list of five options that can make dorm life exponentially better.

1. Quaker Instant Oatmeal

Oatmeal may be seen as a meal for the grandmas, but it's a filling, easily made course that can enhance any in-dorm dining. If oatmeal's not your thing, check out these tips that may just change your mind. It can hit the sweet spot if you play your cards right.

2. Kraft Mac & Cheese

Ahhh, yes. This cheesy goodness will not only bring a blast from the past, but it will also instantly increase instant food's reputation. In 2015, Kraft announced the removal of artificial additives from their products, and it took their mac and cheese to another level of greatness. If this doesn't make you feel at least a little better about (unhealthy) dorm food, I don't know what will.

3. Totino's Pizza Rolls

A mini hot pocket. An edible Tide Pod. A great instant option for dorm life. Pizza Rolls are legendary, and I know I'm not alone in saying this. It can be a great snack or a delectable meal –  you choose. Plus, they only take about a minute in the microwave or 8-9 in the oven.

4. Campbell's Soup on the Go

Though no tomato soup will be complete without a grilled cheese, soup in a cup is an easy, instant food for anyone who lives in a dorm. Drink it straight from the cup, eat it with a spoon, and love your life.

5. Coffee

When all else fails, coffee. I am a large supporter of eating real food, but school can be stressful and leave little time for making food even if it is quick. Instant coffee may not be the greatest, but it can get the job done.

So the next time the dorm calls for a meal, keep this list in mind. Happy dining, my friends.