Just like you want to know whether your boxed wine goes bad, you want to whether or not your favorite can of hard cider can spoil. Hard cider is a unique drink that puts a spin on a childhood classic, and gives drinkers an alternative to beer that is tasty, yet has the same alcohol content. So, does hard cider go bad? Here's what you should know if you can't remember how long your cider has been sitting on the shelf. 

Hard Cider Can Be Aged

According to top ciderests, cider can in fact be aged. They can really be kept for years, but cider also gets drier over time. This means that ciders with over 6% alcohol are good bets. But be careful, because most ciders are made specifically for a shelf life of two years. Most ciders, if kept over their shelf life limit, will eventually yield cider vinegar—yuck.

If your cider has gone bad, you will likely get a strong vinegar taste in your drink.

Hard Cider Has a Shelf Life

Like most other alcohol, hard cider also has a shelf limit. Shelf limits can be up to two years, but according to Angry Orchard, one of the most popular cider brands, their cider has a shelf life for up to 12 months. Though alcohol technically does not 'go bad,' the flavor profile of the alcohol will change the longer the alcohol sits there. 

Hard Cider Storage 

Cider is a hardy product and can tolerate swings of temperature as well as changes in light and time better than other alcohols, such as wine and beer. 

Just like beer, cider is meant to be enjoyed more at room temperature than ice cold. The warmer a cider is, the more aromatic it is, and the more flavor will be packed into the cider, which gives it a stronger cider-y taste. However, if cider is stored in a warm location, it can change the flavor profile of the cider altogether, leading to the vinegar taste.

If your cider smells slightly off, or if it tastes stronger or funkier than it normally does, try and remember the short shelf life because your cider may have gone bad. But the answer to 'does hard cider go bad?' is a no, but the flavor profile will certainly change over time. So be careful and enjoy the cider while you can before its flavor changes.