If you're a college student, you probably know what boxed wine is. If you've been in college, you know what boxed wine is. And even if you haven't been to college yet or just don't like to drink, you've still probably seen the boxes branded with splashing wine and glasses and the big 'Franzia' across them. But have you ever asked, "does boxed wine go bad?"

Since most wine tastes better with aging, before it's opened, you might assume that boxed wine follows the same principles, since, you know, wine is wine. But if you've never tried boxed wine, I'm here to tell you - it is very different, and I am here to answer the question you've all been wondering the answer to since I mentioned it before.

Does Boxed Wine Go Bad?

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Kristine Auble

In short, yes. Boxed wine actually does have an expiration date, unlike bottled wine. This is because boxed wine is more porous than bottled wine. If you consume the boxed wine within 6-8 weeks of opening it, however, it will still be fresh - an upside to consuming bottled wine, which will only stay fresh for one week after opening. 

No, You Are Not Drinking Chemicals 

Some people have expressed concerns over whether their boxed wine's bag has allowed Bisphenol-A, or BPA to seep into the wine that you are drinking. But lucky for all the boxed wine fans out there, almost every single boxed wine is made with polyethlene, one of the safest plastics out there.

The research I've done does say almost every, not every single one, however. So if you're super concerned that you may be consuming some BPA along with your boxed wine, check the box, or check the company's website to see if they have any information regarding the type of plastic that they use.

There is a Limited Shelf Date

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According to Black Box Wines' website, boxed wine stays fresh longer than bottled after opening because of the vacuum-sealed bag that prevents the oxidation that usually spoils bottled wine within a few days of opening. 

However, even if you do not open and enjoy your boxed wine within a few weeks, enjoy it before a year has gone by. Boxed wines do have a shelf life date, unlike bottled wines, because the bag that it is sealed into allows oxygen to seep in quicker than bottled. This allows bottled wine to age slower and have a longer shelf life than boxed wine.

Does boxed wine go bad? Yes, it does, but I guarantee you will have drank the rest of it before the expiration date. But if you find a box that's been laying in your dorm room for too long, check the expiration date before you open it, and consume it quickly. And now that you know you need to drink it quickly, here's some ways to throw a cheap party with all the boxed wine you've got leftover.