Taylor Swift once said, "I'd rather be at home and eat ice cream than go out and get wasted." Well, Taylor, what if you could just kill two birds with one stone? What if, to quote that kid from "Grown Ups," you could actually get "chocolate wasted?" 

After hearing all the lore about this so-called alcohol-infused ice cream and learning that it is available at an actual ice cream shop, called Tipsy Scoop, I decided to conduct an experiment. It was about time to put this delicious invention to the test. Unfortunately, I have bad news for you, Taylor Swift (and anyone else who was curious enough to read this far). Alcohol-infused ice cream does not, in fact, get you drunk.

But wait wait, it's OK! Calm down, it's not all bad news. All the flavors still tasted amazing and it is perfect for your inner liquor lover (or alcoholic if you're not willing to be euphemistic). And, in spite of this disappointing verdict, myself and the team I put together had a really great time reaching it.

Photo courtesy of Maximillian Hollander

Getting Started

It all began at Tipsy Scoop, Manhattan's new favorite ice cream "barlour" (a delightful pun that adorns the shop's window). NYU Spoon's very own Aarohi Abhyankar and my good friend Alex kindly volunteered their time and their livers to assist me in this boozy endeavor. A lightweight and a heavyweight, respectively, both participants were ready and eager to get smashed off of the shop's array of mouth-watering flavors.

Photo courtesy of Maximillian Hollander

One of the staff members suggested that we use sorbet for the best results. Ice cream contains dairy, which apparently offsets the effects of alcohol, delaying maximum tipsy-ness. After much deliberation and sampling, we decided to grab a couple of pints of the Mango Margherita sorbet and headed back to my apartment to conduct the experiment.

Moment of Truth

When we arrived, we sat down on my couch and immediately let the binging commence. I made sure to keep tabs on how drunk my guinea pigs were feeling on a scale of one to 10 by asking them how they were feeling every 10 minutes.

After the first 10 minutes, they were at two. Ten minutes later, they progressed to a solid three. Another 10 minutes went by— still at a three. I'm sure you can guess how this story ends... Alas, they reached three out of 10 and were way too full to carry on. 

The Verdict

In conclusion, a couple of pints of Tipsy Scoop and some good ol' fashioned hard liquor are sure to make for a grand old time. I highly recommend trying out all of Tipsy Scoops creative and unique flavors for their wonderful taste, and just a couple more shots of your favorite booze are sure to put you over the edge.