Many people have visited Starbucks at least once and may order their Frappucinos, iced coffees and specialty drinks, but many people may not know about the drink options without caffeine.

As a regular at Starbucks, over the years I've consumed many drinks with and without caffeine. 

O’Tionne Willis

Caffeine is known to heighten anxiety, by removing it from your diet it can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety which can be beneficial for both short and long-term. 

Starbucks offers a variety of drinks without caffeine such as Iced Teas and Lemonades. 

For warm, Spring days the Iced Passion Tea, Lemonade and Passion Tea Lemonade are great options. Because the drinks are cold drinks, they'll keep you cool during warm and hot days. And of course, they're caffeine free!

O’Tionne Willis

There are other drinks at Starbucks without caffeine, but these are some of my favorites. I recommend these drinks because they're tasty, hydrating and make me feel relaxed, as I am usually really anxious when I consume drinks with caffeine. I feel much more calm and relaxed when I enjoy these drinks at Starbucks without caffeine. 


The Passion Tea is a lightly sweetened drink with hibiscus, lemongrass and apple. The tea is not just any iced tea, it is an iced herbal tea. The grande size is only 45 calories, contains 0g of fat and costs $2.65. It is one of my favorites because of its fruity flavor and it's sweet but not overly sweet. And it only has 11 grams of sugar which is great. It also provides health benefits.


The Lemonade is made of water, lemon juice, sugar, and lemon oil. The grande size is 150 calories, contains 0g of fat and costs $2.95. The flavor of the lemonade is sweet, sour and tangy. It's delicious! 

O’Tionne Willis

The color of the lemonade is not a bright yellow but more of an opaque yellow. Doesn't it look delicious?!

O’Tionne Willis

The Passion Tea Lemonade at Starbucks is a fruity and light shaken drink perfect for a relaxing day and the addition of lemonade adds a kick. According to "Shaken drinks have a long history. The Egyptians were using shakers as early as 3500 BC to add spices to fermented grain beverages." It is sweeter than the iced passion tea because of the sweetened lemonade. The grande size is only 90 calories, contains 0 grams of fat and costs $3.25. The grande size has 22 grams of sugar. 

Additionally, the drink can be customized, for a healthier option, you can ask for the drink to be unsweetened, which is just as good. The grande size for unsweetened Passion Tea Lemonade is only 45 calories and only has 12 grams of sugar. Just as the name suggests, it is made with passion! 

O’Tionne Willis

The color of the Passion Tea Lemonade is bright and vibrant. Its bright color makes the drink even more appealing. Its bright red color and fruity scent is an additional factor that makes it look appetizing and makes you want to try it just by looking at it. 

Also, the Passion Tea Lemonade is a popular drink and many people recommend it. 

Next time you want a drink at Starbucks without caffeine, try these drinks, you will feel cool, refreshed and will want more.