DIY Starburst Flowers: Make Your Own Candy Bouquet

DIY projects are one of the best ways to exercise your creativity. I've been creatively inclined ever since I can remember. Since then, I've had this habit of making things out of anything I got my hands on — in this case, candy. Starburst candies have been a childhood favorite of mine because they are super chewy and sweet. They are perfect for molding anything my mind comes up with, and one of my favorite little miniatures to make is flowers, especially roses.

Here I can show you a DIY article on how you can make your own candy flowers out of Starbursts. Not only will they be sweet smelling, but they also make for a sweet and tasty treat.  

Get Some Starburst Candy

I had some tropical flavor Starbursts on hand and there were some interesting flavors. 

Pick 2 of Your Favorite Colors

I chose two red ones just to keep it simple. I thought the color would be perfect for making a rose.

Cut Into Fours

Take a knife and cut each of the Starburst candies into fours. Cut down the middle horizontally and vertically.

Make Your Petals  

Flatten each cut square. These will be the petals for the flowers.

You should have eight petals in all, and they should look like this. 

Layer It Up

Take one of the petals and roll it up. This will be the middle part of the flower.

Take another petal, and wrap it around the first petal. Repeat this step and arrange the petals around the middle until it looks like a flower. 

The Final Product

Once you have finished adding all the petals, your candy rose is complete. This is what the final product should look like. 

Now that you know about these DIY candy roses, you can start using different colors and make more to create your candy flower bouquet. The possibilities are endless when using Starbursts. Happy sculpting!