Adding edible flowers to a meal makes your dish look like a small garden on a plate, which gives the impression that the ingredients are fresh. Needless to say, flowers are also a great supply of Vitamin C and antioxidants. For all of you guys who are planning to cook for special occasions, here’s a list of 11 edible flowers that will totally take your dish to the next level.

1) Borage

These purplish-blue, star-shaped flowers taste like fresh cucumber with a hint of sweetness. Borages are perfect for salads and soups, making the dish even more refreshing.

2) Pansy

Pansies have a very subtle wintergreen flavor that you may not notice at first. Because there are a lot of colors to choose from, these are great for decorating desserts.

3) Strawberry Blossom

Strawberry blossoms have a mild strawberry scent and flavor from their father fruit. You can add the flowers to fruit salads and desserts to give them a nice flavor, or use them to garnish drinks.  

4) Nasturtium

Nasturtiums are one of the most popular edible flowers because of their vibrant orange and red color and their distinct taste. The flowers have a spicy kick that can replace parsley or caper. 

5) Bee Balm

Bee balm, also known as wild bergamot, grows in bright pink, red, and purple colors, and it has a strong minty flavor. It's commonly used in hot teas or salads. Since the flavor is so powerful, I advise you to use a very small amount.

6) Dianthus/Carnation 

Dianthus (aka carnation) has a sweet green taste that is a great addition to salad bowls and soups. This will also totally brighten up your dessert decoration game with the variety of colors and its unique petal shape. 

7) Chamomile

This Daisy look-alike flower is commonly seen in hot tea. They have a sweet floral taste — some say apple-like taste that can be also used in cakes and puddings. 

8) Hibiscus

Hibiscus is famous for a tea ingredient that is popular for its strong cranberry and tart flavor. With this in mind, it is great to add hibiscus to fruit salads, baked goods, or syrups. However, make sure you only use the petals.

9) Lilac

Lilac flowers are mini pastel purple plants that have a floral scent with a hint of citrus flavor. These are best for making cream cheese and yogurts and garnishing cakes and scones.

10) Squash Blossom

Squash blossoms are big yellow flowers that have a mildly sweet flavor. Because of their size, they can be stuffed with cheese, ground beef, and other goodies. You can also use them to make tempuras or soups. Remember to remove stamens before using, though. 

11) Marigold

This beautiful yellow-orange flower has a very distinct flavor that is herbal and citrusy. You can literally add marigolds to anything, including salads, seafood dishes, and desserts.

Garnishing your dish with flowers will make it look even healthier and fancier. If you were getting tired of using similar ingredients everyday, why don't you try using these beautiful edible flowers?