What does Valentine's Day mean to you this year? If you're looking forward to spending time with your loved ones and besties, then this article is for you! Valentine's Day doesn't have to mean a romantic dinner for two at a fancy restaurant. This year, McDelivery with DoorDash wants you to celebrate with all of your loved ones! They're introducing "Palentine's Day" - the perfect time to get together with your best group of pals and share the love. 

DIY Palentine's Day Ideas

Don't worry about the hassle of cooking for your Palentine's Day party. Let McDelivery with DoorDash do most of the work for you! Order your favorite McDonald's menu items and pair them with a few items that you can find in your kitchen to create an adorable DIY Palentine's Day spread. Here's a few ideas they came up with...

Best Buds Bouquet: You'll need: Chicken McNuggets, skewers, parchment paper and ribbon. Put one Chicken McNugget on each skewer and wrap your bouquet of nugs in parchment paper. Tie it up with a ribbon and you have the most delicious bouquet you've ever seen! 

True Love Is Chicken McNuggets: You'll need: Chicken McNuggets, a heart-shaped box, parchment paper and a bow. Place parchment paper in the bottom of your heart-shaped box and fill with nugs. Keep the lid open (to get their mouth watering, obviously) and decorate with a bow! 

Cookie Crush: You'll need: McDonald's Chocolate Chip Cookies and a heart shaped cookie cutter. For this one, just punch a heart shape out of McDonald's Chocolate Chip Cookies and voila! You have the cutest (and tastiest) dessert for Palentine's Day. 

Conversation Fries: You'll need: World Famous Fries. Just arrange your World Famous Fries to create a heart and fill it with sweet messages like "XOXO, LOVE, BFF, PAL." You know, the messages you might see on conversation hearts!

Cheesy For You Burger: You'll need: A Quarter Pounder Burger with Cheese and some World Famous Fries. Nothing says I love you like a Quarter Pounder Burger with Cheese! Cut your Quarter Pounder in half and place them at angles to form the top of a heart shape. Complete the bottom half of the heart with two fries!

All of these DIY ideas can be seen in the photo above, or here. 

The Big Deals

I don't know about you, but I think those ideas sound adorable! If no one shows up to my doorstep with the Best Buds Bouquet, I'll be seriously disappointed. 

Now, you might be wondering how you're expected to afford all of this. Lucky for you, McDelivery with DoorDash has a Palentine's Day deal for you & your pals! Enter code "LOVEMCD" in the DoorDash app for iOS & Android to receive $5 off your $15 minimum purchase from Thursday, February 13th - Monday, February 17th! 

Once again, McDelivery with DoorDash is coming in CLUTCH to make sure we make the most of this holiday. This Palentine's Day will surely be one for the books. For more information, terms & conditions, how-to videos and a complete party planning checklist, visit McDonald's Newsroom