After the events of the last few weeks, I think people are forgetting the good in the world (myself included). Without the people of this world, food would not exist, and that is a truly horrifying thought. All humanity is unified by a need to eat, and all different cultures bring a different palate and flavor profile to the table. These foods truly show why the world needs diversity, and how bland our lives would be without it.

1. America: Macaroni and Cheese

Mac & Cheese

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Thomas Jefferson is rumored to have brought the original idea for the dish back to America with him from Italy, but it grew to its modern fame here in the states. Macaroni and Cheese has become an American staple and is now featured on menus across the planet. You can change the cheese, the add-ins, the pasta; it's almost completely customizable. While America is not in the best light as of late, this food invented here proves that we can do a few things right.

2. Mexico: Tamales

Christmas Tamales #3

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Tamales were originally created for warring South American tribes as a portable, easily reheated item for them to eat in the field. This dish is made with a masaa (a dough) and steamed in either a corn husk or a banana leaf and can be stuffed with a variety of meats, vegetables, cheeses, and many other items. These little packages of flavor are one of many reasons why Mexico's food is famous throughout the world. 

3. Canada: Poutine


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This Canadian staple originated in Quebec, and is a decadent take on classic french fries. You top the fries with cheese curds and brown gravy (you can vary this but these toppings are the traditional ones) and dig in.

If you ever have the opportunity to travel to the great white north, make sure you scoop up a plate of poutine before your trip is over. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Canadian food, so give it a try, and maybe you'll discover a new favorite. 

4. Scotland: Haggis


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Oh, Haggis. The mere mention of the word outside of Scotland surprises people, but it is a savory classic dish that just wants to be accepted in the world. Made into a pudding with sheep's intestines, heart and liver, then mixed with onions and other ingredients and finally encased in a sheep's stomach lining, this dish utilizes all parts of the animal to create a creative and tasty dish. While this may sound very unfamiliar to the American palette, this Scottish dish represents the creativity of Scotland and its people.

5. Spain: Paella


Philippe Gama on Flickr

Paella originated in Valencia, a city in Eastern Spain. This dish is made with rice and has many variations now, but it was originally made with beans, white rice, and some kind of land animal. The most popular variation is seafood paella, which replaces the land animal with a mix of different seafood and shellfish. Spain, while known for its elegant language and spectacular cities, has created some pretty great food along the way too. 

6. France: Cassoulet


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Cassoulet, a similar dish to the Spanish paella mentioned above, was originally food for the poor, adding in any ingredients they had lying around to make a meal. It later evolved into a popular item throughout France, and each region developed a different specialty, using different meats or vegetables to create their own take on the dish. France has beautiful architecture and a bountiful history, but do not forget about their reputation for creating some of the most delicious food in the world. 

7. Germany: Currywurst


Seabamirum on Flickr

Currywurst, a German fast food dish often sold by street vendors, is a Bratwurst sausage covered in a curry ketchup, often served with fries. This originated in Berlin, and has since grown to be a staple in German culture. It is popular all over the country of Germany, but mainly in the cities as a to-go food item for lunch on a busy day.

There is even a currywurst museum! Beer and music are not the only things Germany can do, they make some pretty good food as well.  

8. Poland: Pierogies

Pierogies - Mushroom and Moroccan Lamb

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You may love your traditional, Asian-style dumplings, but this Polish version will elevate your tastebuds to a whole new level. Pierogies are made with unleavened dough, and filled with some sort of savory or sweet filling, then boiled to perfection. They are often filled with potato or ground beef, and are a fantastic way to begin any meal.

Poland has a wide selection of foods that everybody should try, but I recommend that you put pierogies on the top of your list.

9. Italy: Ossobuco

Osso Buco Variation

naotakem on Flickr

Ossobuco is an Italian classic dish that is comprised of a veal shank that is braised in white wine and broth, and served with a risotto credited to the city of Milan, also known as the fashion capital of the world.

Traditional Italian food is just as delicious as the chicken parmigiana that many have come to know and love. So after a tiring day of visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum, sit down to a traditional Italian meal of ossobuco with your loved ones. 

10. Israel: Shawarma


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Shawarma is a meat preparation that involves some kind of meat, cooked for varying lengths of time, and often served in pita pockets with cucumber, tomato, and tzatziki. While this is more of a preparation of food rather than an actual set dish, it is an important staple of the region, and has become known to the world, referenced by Iron Man in The Avengers and other movies and television shows. Enjoy some Shawarma while discovering more about the area, and visiting the Western Wall. 

11. India: Palak Paneer


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Palak Paneer is a Punjabi Indian dish, which consists of paneer (an Indian cheese), and a spinach and tomato gravy. This vegetarian dish can pack a punch, or be a mellow warm dinner for a cold winter night. The best part is, it is not that difficult to make in the comfort of your own home.

Typically served with naan and basmati rice, this traditional Indian dish will inspire you to have your own Eat, Pray, Love through the beautiful country of India while admiring the Taj Mahal and experiencing the different cultures of the nation. 

12. China: Mapo Doufu

mapo tofu

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This tofu dish is widely known throughout the world for being a spicy and flavorful meal on many a menu. Consisting of tofu, a chili and black-bean sauce, and ground beef, this meal from the Sichuan province of China is sure to fulfill your desire for heat in a meal. While you can tone down the spice if you prefer a more mellow meal, the punch is part of the fun (in my opinion). Who knows, maybe it'll make you want to visit the great nation that is China. 

13. Japan: Yakitori


TAKA@P.P.R.S on Flickr

Yakitori is a Japanese style of marinating and skewering chicken. Created for convenience and mobility, the chicken is cut into pieces and skewered, cooked on grills and then eaten, for an easy meal during a busy day. This dish has become a popular appetizer on Japanese menus, and has broken through its street food beginnings to become a elegant meal in some restaurants.

Japan is known for their sushi, but they are so much more, with other versatile foods and a rich history dating back many years.  

14. Korea: Kimchi

Homemade kimchi

Kimtaro on Flickr

My friend from Korea says her family eats kimchi with almost every meal of the day, and her mother always has a container of it in the fridge. It is typically cabbage, fermented in a spicy liquid, and can be kept for months in the fridge. While it is widely known, it is a traditional and easy-to-make side that can meld with almost any meal. Give Kimchi a chance, and while you are at it, learn more about Korea and its culture, because why not?

15. Phillipines: Chicken Adobo

Chicken Adobo Bites

mallydally on Flickr

This Filipino dish is another cooking style where whatever is being prepared is slow-cooked in vinegar, garlic, soy sauce, and other spices, and is typically served over rice. Filipino cuisine shares influences from Spain, but puts its own personal flare on each and every meal. You may look into other Filipino dishes for an Asian-Spanish fusion style, and discover a new genre of food you had been missing for all your life. 

16. Singapore: Roti Prata

Roti Canai - Kopitiam Mamak AUD4.50

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This Singaporean fried flatbread is a classic dish that can be filled with any number of things, from cheese to chocolate. It is also often served with some kind of curry. Singapore's cuisine is particularly interesting as the culture itself is so diverse. If you are talking about diverse food, Singapore is one significant example of how food is influenced so heavily by different cultures and nations. 

17. Australia: Fairy Bread

Fairy bread

aenigmatēs on Flickr

I'm sure many have seen this Australian creation before, in one of the numerous articles devoted to it out in the social media world. It consists of sliced white bread which is slathered in butter and then topped with sprinkles.

This strange but beloved snack is loved by children in Australia, and has spread to all corners of the world. While Australian food is comprised of many more dishes than fairy bread, this iconic creation had to be featured as it has risen to recent internet fame, and did originate in Australia. 

18. Egypt: Kushari


furibond on Flickr

This three-grain Egyptian dish is created with rice, lentils and macaroni, mixed with a tomato and vinegar sauce, and topped with fried onions and chickpeas. This dish came to existence in the nineteenth century, when Egypt was a particularly multicultural nation.

Egypt, as a country on the fringe of multiple continents, has always had a wide variety of influence on its cuisine. Explore the pyramids, the sphinx and other Egyptian sights while enjoying some seriously palatable foods. 

19. Ethiopia: Kitfo


Charles Haynes on Flickr

The one thing I know about Ethiopian food is that it is spicy. My mother always tells the story of how she thought she could handle spicy food until she tried homemade Ethiopian food. Kitfo is made with raw ground beef, which is mixed with a chili spice blend and topped with a special butter called niter kibbeh. This traditional dish will open your eyes into the world of Ethiopian cuisine, and woo you with its delicate yet powerful flavors. 

20. Morocco: Tajine


lisaandlondon on Flickr

This Moroccan dish, named after the pot it is cooked in, is a stew of various ingredients, but classically consists of lamb, dates, and other spices. The use of a sweet and savory flavor profile adds depth to the stew, as all of the flavor seeps out of the ingredients through the slow cooking process. This dish is usually served in the pot it is cooked in. Morocco is known for having a particularly lively culture, and its food matches, alive with large mixes of spices and ingredients that create a party on your tastebuds. 

21. Peru and Ecuador: Ceviche


stu_spivack on Flickr

Ceviche is a raw seafood dish, which is marinated in citrus juices and sometimes other seasonings, and served cold. Lemon and lime are the most typical fruits used in curing the fish, and this dish is always prepared fresh because the fish is raw.

While it has become a popular appetizer in many restaurants, each adding their own flare, the traditional ceviche is an Ecuadorian and Peruvian classic dish with a focus on quality fish. If you like sushi and other raw fish, give ceviche and Ecuadorian and Peruvian food culture a chance. 

22. Brasil: Brigadeiro


Rod Senna on Flickr

A decadent Brazilian dessert made from condensed milk, cocoa powder, and covered in sprinkles, this food translates into "yum" in any language.

Everyone knows Brazilian barbecue, but the food of Brazil is so much more than just meat on the grill. There is a beauty in everything they do, including these little packages of sweetness all packed into one bite. Explore the Amazon and Rio de Janeiro, and while you are at it, make sure you are snacking on some brigadeiros to keep you energized throughout your day. 

23. Puerto Rico: Arroz Con Dulce

Regency Rice Pudding

LearningLark on Flickr

A Puerto Rican style of rice pudding, Arroz con Dulce is made with pearl rice and soaked overnight in water to give the rice a creamier texture. The next day, the rice is cooked down with coconut milk, cinnamon, sugar, and other spices until the flavors have melded together into a rich pudding ready to enjoy. Add-ins include rum-raisins, pistachios, and cinnamon sticks.

Puerto Rico, another melting pot of cultures, has influences from Spain and Africa that contributed to create a new fusion cuisine that has flavors our tastebuds could only dream of. 

24. Nicaragua: Vigorón

el vigorón

Laboratorio en Movimiento on Flickr

Vigorón is like the Nicaraguan version of cole slaw, with a cabbage and tomato slaw that includes yuca and fried pork rinds. While it may sound strange at first, this salty and tart treat is a delicacy throughout Nicaragua. Its quick and easy preparation allows for it to be a versatile and convenient side for people that want food fast. In exploring Nicaragua and the breathtaking scenery of the country, bring along a banana leaf full of Vigorón to fully immerse yourself in the culture of the Nicaraguan people.

I hope you embrace all the cultures that exist in this world through food and every other way possible. Don't forget to just be kind to all throughout your day, and remember to eat some of these foods in the near future.