Since the exorbitant cost of a college education is already a huge burden for most students to bear, they tend to eat out less. Boston is home to a rich variety of cuisines, but at what (literal) cost to students? There's a discount app called VocoLife trying to change this. 

Boston is flooded with college students on tight budgets, but it's no cheap city to live in. In fact, it ranked in 2016 as the third most expensive U.S. city to live in. If you find yourself spending less and scrolling through Instagram feed's of restaurants more, check the app out.  

How it works

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Haley Abram

The user-friendly VocoLife app on average saves you 40% every time you eat out. These savings are seamless because it works similarly to Uber, but for restaurants. Walk in, eat, walk out. When you set up an account with the app, you add in your payment information.

To use the app to eat out, you have to be with company. And in reality, dining experiences are best shared. You make reservations ahead of time with a minimum of 2 people and the bill gets split automatically. However, you can choose to divvy it up otherwise in the app. 

You neither have to wait for a check when you've finished, nor annoy the wait staff asking to split it between your party. 

Why you need it

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Kristine Mahan

Lots of the restaurants that have partnered with VocoLife are located near universities in Boston. Convenience is a key feature on this discount app. 

The savings don't stop at eating out. Savings to work out at top-notch fitness places like Xtend Barre, Rock Spot Climbing, and Turnstyle are abundant. 

If you're looking to save on activities that aren't related to eating or working out, VocoLife has you covered. Major savings for paintball, karaoke bars, brewery tours, and hair salons will get you off campus and into the city.

Another perk

Need any more convincing to download it? It's free. Get out more this semester to eat with friends, clear your head with a fitness class, or do a group event in the great city of Boston you get to call home for your college years.