Whether you're looking for ways to get more involved in the Lewisburg community or you simply need to rack up some service hours for your Greek organization, look no further! Finding ways to connect with your local community can be tough, but it sure isn't here in Lewisburg. I have had the pleasure volunteering at a local soup kitchen, Dinner by the River, and in the Lewisburg community garden, and you can too.

Both of these organizations are very welcoming to new volunteers and love receiving help from any and everyone. In this article, I aim to convince you that these opportunities and experiences have been essential to my time at Bucknell.

Dinner by the River

Ainslie Eck

Food is a large part of my life - I mean clearly, I write for a food publication. When my Management 101 company first came up with the idea of possibly partnering with local food banks and community dinner organizations, I jumped right on board to advocate for this type of project. Our company volunteered weekly at Dinner by the River at the First Presbyterian Church on Market Street. The group holds weekly dinners for families who would otherwise not have a healthy dinner, and those who enjoy the social aspect of a community meal. A few of my company's members and I still enjoy returning this year to see all of the "regulars" who we've created relationships with.

Lewisburg Community Garden

I recently began visiting the Lewisburg Community Garden for a class project which involves volunteering in the garden for six hours. The staff was so thankful for our help with harvesting, weeding and tidying up the garden. They even encouraged us to try the food that we picked, which is awesome in my opinion. I am usually not a lover of tomatoes, but the tomatoes I picked from the vines in the community garden were so tasteful and juicy I couldn't resist snacking on a few.

On my first day at the garden, found out that the food harvested was donated to local community dinner organizations. I asked whether they gave to Dinner by the River, and they affirmed yes along with a couple of others. At this moment, everything was coming together for me. After my two hours in the garden, I was planning on walking up the street to attend a dinner at Dinner by the River.


The thought that the food I was collecting from the garden was going to be fed directly to the familiar faces at the soup kitchen, amazed me. It was so satisfying knowing that the guests at Dinner by the River were eating healthy, organic fruits and vegetables, that they otherwise may have not been able to afford.

This is a perfect example of "farm-to-table." Food access is a huge problem across the country. Many families cannot afford healthy fruits and veggies, which can often prompt them to eat unhealthy diets at low costs. Others simply do not have the transportation mechanisms to bring them to grocery stores, where they can purchase healthy foods. This partnership between the Lewisburg Community Garden and community dinner organizations aids in this problem.

Get Involved

Ainslie Eck

If you are at all interested in volunteering with these organizations, do not hesitate to reach out to their coordinators! This type of work can be very fulfilling and super fun, and extra help is always needed.