You know those days when you want an Insta-worthy dessert in NYC, but you don't know where to go? Or when you're meeting up with friends for cocktails in FiDi, but you don't know which bar will match your vibe? Problem solved. Soon, there will be a texting service for that, and it sounds epic. Thanks to two millennial women, you no longer have to rely on TripAdvisor or sketchy websites for the inside scoop on the best food in NYC. You can have restaurant and bar recommendations completely tailored to you, and all it takes is a text message through a service called DineFinds.

If you're already writing your thank-you letters for this epic service, you can address them to Skyler Bouchard and Hayley S. Morris. You might recognize Skyler as the author of the popular food blog Dining with Skyler (and the founder of Spoon's NYU chapter in 2013). Her blog covers everything from how to make mac n' cheese lobster balls, to NYC bars, to where to eat when you're in the UK. Skyler isn't afraid to try weird and exciting food, and her Instagram, with 167k+ followers and counting, is drool-worthy.

In August 2017, Skyler met Hayley at a coffee shop in Union Square, and the two bonded over their love of brightly-colored pants and cool dining experiences. Just six months later, they're working to launch their texting service: DineFinds.

So how exactly does DineFinds work? The concept is simple, but brilliant. New Yorkers can text (917)-231-9739 anytime for restaurant and bar recommendations in the city, and Skyler and Hayley will hook you up with multiple options based on location, price, cuisine, and vibe of the place.

The duo have spent months putting together a guide of all of the best finds in NYC, which allows them to instantly compile a list of places for you to check out. Hayley explains that she wants DineFinds to "feel like you're texting your best friend about where to go." If your best friend knew the exact location of all of the best pizza places in New York, that is.

DineFinds is launching Wednesday, Feb. 21, so next time you find yourself craving a taco in SoHo or a burger in Chelsea, text Skyler and Hayley for some seriously epic suggestions.