As everyone with dietary restrictions knows, it can be hard to stick to it 100% of the time. Once in a while, you will probably give in and indulge in something you aren't supposed to eat. Here's what everyone goes through when they decide to break their dietary restrictions, as told by Joey Tribbiani. 

1. Excitement

Having a restricted diet is rough, especially when it excludes your (former) favorite foods.  When you're craving something like mozzarella sticks or Chinese, maybe you get a little giddy. Knowing you're finally going to get to taste something you've been dreaming about is one of the most exciting feelings in the world.

2. Joy

Taking the first bite of a forbidden food feels purely joyous. The flavors explode in your mouth as you rejoice to the food you've been missing. It seems like the greatest thing you've ever tasted, even if it's just a slice of pizza. You probably wonder to yourself why you even followed your diet in the first place, and convince yourself that breaking it won't hurt.

3. Pain

After the excitement and joy begin to wear off, you probably start to feel the effects of breaking your dietary restrictions. Your stomach grumbles and you begin to remember that you have these restrictions for a reason. Cue the fetal position as you vow to yourself to never, ever eat the forbidden food again.

4. Regret

Pain brings you to regret, and you wonder why you ever thought it would be a good idea to go against your doctor's orders and indulge. It may have tasted good, but it was definitely not worth all the suffering you're bound to endure for the next few hours or even days. You plan to teach your friends how to start a mindful eating practice so they can help you next time.

5. Detox

You spend the next few days coaxing your body back to good health by cutting out your issue foods and eating nutrient dense foods. It may be hard at first with the taste of your cheat meal fresh on your tongue, but you remember the pain and regret and remain determined to stick to your diet. By the end of the week, you feel back to normal and your suffering feels like a distant memory.

6. Repeat

Sticking to dietary restrictions can be a constant battle, especially if it's relatively new to your life. You'll probably go through these stages multiple times as you try to figure out a balance. Don't beat yourself up if this happens to you. Health isn't linear and even the best of us give in and eat a plate of chicken fingers on occasion.