You probably grew up eating Dairy Queen Blizzards, whether you stopped by DQ after softball games with your team, after dinner with your family, or if your parents were really cool, they let you sneak one into the movie theater. Growing up, Blizzard time was always a good time. And today, Dairy Queen wants to help kids being treated by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals feel the same way. 

On Thursday,  Aug. 2, Dairy Queen is supporting CMNH by donating $1 or more for every Blizzard sold at participating locations around the US. According to Dairy Queen, every minute 62 children are admitted to a Children's Miracle Network Hospital. The money raised will support critical treatments, medical equipment and healthcare services to help improve the lives of children being treated at a local facility.  

This is the 13th year Dairy Queen has designated a day to CMNH, dubbing it Miracle Treat Day. “We want to make Miracle Treat Day the most fun, most meaningful day of summer. The kids at children’s hospitals across America are depending on us,” Maria Hokanson, executive vice president of marketing for American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ) said in a press release.

“Miracle Treat Day is a celebration of how our communities come together to help the kids treated by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals so that they can be at home with their family, having fun and playing with their friends as soon as possible.”

Every year, a different Blizzard is featured on this day, and this year, it's the classic (and most popular) Oreo. You really can't go wrong with crushed up cookie bits swirled in vanilla soft serve. As for the Blizzard Treat of the Month for August, it's the new Reese's Outrageous Blizzard Treat. 

Whether you decide to go bold and go for the new Reese's or stick to the simple Oreo flavor, pick up a Blizzard today and know that your money is helping a child in need in your local area.