Based in San Francisco, CA, Forager Project makes 100% organic, plant-based products, such as cold-pressed juices, cashew milk, and smoothies. The company's mission is to find the goodness in food and share it with everyone, which is what it's doing with its recently launched dairy-free yogurts.

The company sent me a few of its dairy-free yogurt products, and here's what I thought about them.

Creamy Dairy-free Cashewgurt

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Eileen Wang

Forager Project's Cashewgurts come in five different flavors: unsweetened plain, wild blueberry, lemon, vanilla bean, and strawberry. Unsweetened plain comes in 24 oz tubs, but the other flavors come in 5.3 oz cup.

The wild blueberry Cashewgurt is thick, creamy, and without funky coloring. It smells like how an ordinary blueberry yogurt would, but unfortunately, the blueberry flavor doesn't completely mask the cashew base's flavor.

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Eileen Wang

The strawberry Cashewgurt, on the other hand, is the better of the two. It has the taste and consistency of an original strawberry yogurt, and leaves much excitement for the next spoonful. Just a tad sweeter than the wild blueberry, it's reminiscent of Go-Gurt from my childhood. This is not a flavor you'll want to turn down!

Drinkable Cashewgurt

Eileen Wang

Drinkable Cashewgurts come in 28 oz bottles and in three flavors: unsweetened plain, wild blueberry, and strawberry.

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Eileen Wang

The wild blueberry drinkable Cashewgurt has a thinner consistency than the normal wild blueberry Cashewgurt. It also has a stronger blueberry flavor that really cuts through the cashew's, but doesn't completely hide it.

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Eileen Wang

The strawberry drinkable Cashewgurt is my favorite product of their Cashewgurt line. Strawberry flavors in this are delightfully bright, and complement the creaminess of the cashew base. Now, I can enjoy my yogurt drinks without any of the funky, artificial stuff.

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Eileen Wang

While Forager Projects’s dairy-free yogurt line may not entirely fool the most acute of palates, it is definitely one of the closest cruelty-free options you’ll get to their traditional dairy counterparts. 

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Disclaimer: Forager Project's products were sent to me free of charge. However, all opinions are mine and honest.