I've seen Daily Harvest all over my Instagram feed. People rave about this smoothie subscription service where you can choose from thirteen different superfood smoothie flavors. You can drink the smoothie straight from the cup, top it with cool things (see below), or make it into a quick and easy smoothie bowl

So, when I saw that Daily Harvest had just recently released three soups to add to their subscription service, I thought I would give them a try. Here's what I thought.

#SpoonTip: You can use any sort of broth (vegetable, chicken, etc.) or water or coconut milk (for the Carrot & Coconut soup) as the liquid base for your veggies. I used water when making all of mine, so the flavor may have been a little different depending on the liquid base.

Mushroom & Miso (Restore Soup)

bacon, beer, pizza
Thulan Unsoeld

The Mushroom & Miso soup was okay. The miso flavor was good but it was a strange pairing with the mushroom and kale. The biggest negative was that the broth was way too salty. I wanted to add more water to it to balance out the salt, but I didn't want to make it too watery.

Carrot & Coconut (Energize Soup)

pizza, bacon, beer
Thulan Unsoeld

Carrot and coconut was the best of the three. I'm sure it would've tasted better and creamier with a coconut milk base (I used water), and the flavors together were pretty solid. However, I was expecting something a little more like a blended soup and I think that would've worked much better with the ingredients in this soup. 

Zucchini & Black Garlic (Defense Soup)

coffee, bacon, beer
Thulan Unsoeld

This soup tasted way too much like I was drinking something to make me feel better. Perhaps that's what they were going for as a "defense soup?" It had a somewhat sour aftertaste and the zucchini spirals just didn't work with the tomato-y broth. In my opinion, tomato broth should always be thicker.


Overall, I wasn't that impressed. I was sad because I have heard so many rave reviews about the smoothies (which I'm sure are amazing and are definitely worth a try). I think that the idea that Daily Harvest has of making quick and easy ready to make soups is a great one. But when you're sending out frozen soups, I believe it is much easier to do a creamier, blended soup without risking flavor and texture issues.