In this day and age, our decreased attention spans can sustain little more than a 60-second gym routine or makeup tutorial, thanks to TikTok and Instagram. Keeping content short and sweet is the best way to catch Gen-Z's limited attentiveness, and food accounts are well aware of this. The Spoon University community is constantly on the hunt for new food accounts to satisfy their food video cravings, and I’m here to dish out the Instagram recipe developers that are equally entertaining and creative.

These recipe developers post fresh and exciting reels that put them into a category of their own. What sets these recipe developers apart is their creativity. They all bring their personality into their cooking style. Their recipe videos are informative, with some of them simultaneously serving as aesthetically pleasing and calming therapy sessions. All of these recipe developers share a similar aesthetic: distinctive, and somewhat more rustic. These recipe developers post almost exclusively food content, making it perfect for our uber-constrained attention spans.

Justine Snacks

Most of Justine Snacks' videos include ASMR cooking and  deeply thought out pantry and produce-friendly ingredients. Her recipes are sometimes simple, sometimes sophisticated, but always soothing. So if you're looking for a duel food therapy session and some cooking inspiration, then you've come to the right account.

Pierce Abernathy 

Similar to Justine Snacks, Pierce Abernathy pays close attention to detail and films strictly ASMR food videos. While in a constant search to create the perfect dip and make endless salads, Pierce Abernathy also shares an array of recipes from seasonal produce-heavy salads to a lion's mane mushroom steak. His approach to cooking is intuitive and inspirational, offering you the option to use whatever ingredients you have on hand and  cook what you desire. But be warned, the ASMR videos are addictive. Get ready to be pulled into a salivating and scroll-worthy feed.

Carolina Gelen

For those with the worst attention span, this account is for you. Carolina Gelen's recipe videos are mercifully short but also innovative and surprisingly easy. From classics like penne alla vodka to baklava-fried ice cream, this account truly has it all. Just don't be surprised if you walk away from this account with an intense and insatiable desire to make homemade egg rolls; it happens to the best of us. 


Operating from a small New York City kitchen, Nasim Lahbichi, the face behind the vegan food account lahbco, shares culturally diverse and mouth-watering food videos. This account packs various food cultures and creativity into one. It's part comic relief, part entertainment, and 100% food inspiration.

Half Baked Harvest

Comfort food meets family-style cooking on Half Baked Harvest. All of these recipes are made by Tieghan Gerard, a self-taught chef with a cookbook of her own and quite the Instagram following. Tieghan makes home-cooked food easy and approachable. You definitely don't want to skip on these iterations of homemade classics.

Compass Kitchen

Ryan Nordheimer, the founder of Compass Kitchen, helps the at-home cook navigate their kitchen. Using a combination of personal recipes and award-winning cookbook recipes, the Compass Kitchen shares an array of dishes ranging from self-curated butter basted halibut to Alison Roman's viral cookie recipe. These videos are low maintenance and very relatable, making it look like you're watching an at-home cooking video.