It seems like everyone is on TikTok these days and who can blame them. There are so many clips to watch, and new videos are posted every day with content that ranges from creative dance challenges to silly skits. But I have to say my favorite ones are those feature tutorials for quick and easy recipes.

I don't know about you but I have been cooking none stop during quarantine to keep myself busy, and TikTok has given me even more reasons to get in the kitchen. There are so many amazing TikTok chefs that inspire me to try out new recipes. A few of my favorite TikTok food accounts are listed below, and I definitely think you should check out them now.


Fan of Mexican food? If you answered yes, then you HAVE to check out @jennymartinezzz on TikTok. If you answered no, then you're about to become a fan. Jenny Martinez posts homemade Mexican recipes that she makes in her own kitchen. And of course, she has a tutorial for classic guacamole but don't forget to check out her recipe for Street Elotes and Queso Fundido.


This account is perfect for busy college kids who just want a quick and tasty meal. Newt features an array of recipes, using ingredients that most people have on hand. Plus, his voice-overs are super entertaining and fun to listen to. In addition to recipe tutorials, his page also features food reviews, food hacks, and even dance challenges. 


"You hungry? Let's make a snack." That's how Chef Darius Williams starts many of his recipe videos. I'll be honest most of the time I'm not even hungry when I start his videos, but after 20 seconds of watching him whip up a fresh homemade recipe, my stomach is screaming for food. His personality is electric, and he always gives off positive energy to his audience. One of my favorite videos from @iamdariuscooks is his recipe for Butter and Brown Sugar Roast Chicken


Shereen Pavlides​ is a recipe developer, food correspondent, and a food stylist. She develops and tests all of the recipes that are featured on her account. Plus, she encourages her audience to get in the kitchen and "Cook from Starch." Why? The answer is simple: "because you can." The best part of her channel is that she also provides useful tips that she calls 'chefie tips' to help new chefs excel in the kitchen.


You might know Tabitha Brown as an actress, but she is also a vegan food influencer on TikTok. She shares delicious vegan recipes and cooking tips on her page, as well as motivational words for her viewers. While her recipe creations look fantastic, it's her bubbly and disarming personality that makes her so relatable and helped her gain over 4 million followers on TikTok. 



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Now let's get cooking!