Students struggle to be productive & positive during COVID - I9. 

Here is a list of coronavirus positive benefits while you are social distancing yourself

What to do for fun while your college is canceled and you are quarantine: 

1. Write a Blog Post for Spoon University
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Denise Uy

An easy way to spend the boredom is to write about something you love doing or enjoy writing about it. For instance, you can document your favorite meal to cook or a nice lifestyle trick. Then you could publish it on Spoon University under your college page. 

2. Go Hiking 

Haley Porter

Take advantage of nature and spring days! You can go explore the cherry blossoms in DC, sit by the ocean or beach, go kayaking, etc. These are all great activities you can do as you self isolate yourself.

3. Workout at home by using workout apps 

Haley Porter

Since your workout gym and studios close down, you are probably wondering how you can still stay active. An easy way is to do home workouts, e.g. yoga, cycling, running, by using Peloton or other workout apps. 

4. Take advantage of the free or discounted services e.g. flights, gas prices, or delivery fees 

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Becky Hughes

Many stores are having free deliveries on third-party apps so why not take advantage of this amazing discount. Some restaurants include Sweetgreen, Potbelly, Founding Farmers, and more!

5. Binge-watch shows and movies on a streaming platform 

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Emily Genzer

The best way to make your down time to go by faster and more enjoyable is to binge-watch your favorite childhood shows or scary movies with your old high school friend group. This way you get to rekindle the bond you made in high school and not feel so isolated. 

6. Create viral videos 

Jessi Jordan

You can become a Tik Tok or Thriller famous, queen, or king while you are quarantine. 

7. Make a bucket list

Even though bucket lists were so 2000s #throwbackTo2000s, it would not be a bad idea to start one over break with all the free time you have now. For instance, it could be about all the things you want to achieve in the rest of your college experiences

8. Start a project 

Another best way to maximize your quarantine days at home is by building something for your college dorm room e.g. a pong table, collage of pictures of things you love that you can set up in your dorm room.

What to do to focus on your academics and to get the most out of your college experience:

1. Create or bring a club to your college campus e.g. Spoon University

You can start by reaching out to HQ of the nationwide club e.g. Spoon University HQ. Then, you can create a constitution or bylaws. Following that reach out to your student engagement office to start the process of becoming a provisional chapter or RSO for next semester. Then, you shall organize virtual meetings through your college student engagement office to introduce your club to the board. Finally, report everything back to the coordinator of the nationwide club e.g. Spoon University, whom you have been in contact with. 

2. Think about partnerships with local businesses or start-up companies in your college town that you could spread awareness about Spoon University 

While you are on break, you shouldn't take a break from Spoon or another club you're involved with on campus. You should continue to think of amazing ideas, events, articles, photos, and partnerships you could incorporate into your club for next semester. 

3. Dedicate time to your online classes 

Academics come first in college even though the representation from college movies, e.g. American Pie, is all about frat parties and hooking up. Let's take this free time to get out of the freshman, sophomore, or senior slump and get your GPA up for your future job offers or leadership roles you want to become a part of in your college career. 

4. Think about if your major and minor are the best fit for you with the goals you want to achieve in your lifetime

Set up meetings with the Office of Academic Advising or email your lower-division advisor, email a career coach, or email the department itself that you are interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree so that you can achieve your career goal.

5. Set up a meeting with a counseling center

In order to prevent anxiety, depression, or another mental illness condition, call or have a virtual meeting with a counselor at your counseling center. This may sound useless and annoying but it is very beneficial to overcome the loneliness and lack of energy. 

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