Trader Joe's is a college student's goldmine. They offer everything from produce to baking goods to frozen meals and all the snacks a person could need... plus it's  affordable! Here's the best TJ's snacks that you can keep in your dorm room! 

1. ABC Bars

Also known as Almond Butter Cocoa Bars, these are great as a quick breakfast on your way to class or an easy snack while studying or even a late night bite when the dining hall doesn't quite satisfy your still rumbling stomach. These bars are soft and chewy to bite into with a chocolate outside and an almond butter filling on the inside – they kind of taste like cookie dough! And with only 160 calories and six grams of sugar per bar, they're completely guilt-free. 

2. Mini Brie Bites

Everyone loves cheese! Unfortunately, if you gave me an entire wheel of cheese and told me to portion it out, I'd probably end up eating the entire thing. Luckily, Trader Joe's has pre-portioned wheels of brie cheese. These are kind of like Laughing Cow cheese, but better because who doesn't love brie? Each bite has 80 calories and a soft outside with a gooey inside... it's the perfect snack! 

3. Speculoos Cookie Butter

I'm not exaggerating when I say that cookie butter is a gift sent from heaven. There's even different flavors and textures – the OG smooth, a crunchy, and a cocoa swirl. A great alternative to when you're craving a good, old fashioned cookie, but there's none around since each tablespoon is only 90 calories – that's less than one tablespoon of your favorite peanut butter! And you can spread it on everything and anything from a rice cake to pieces of fruit, or that frozen waffle you just made. Let your imagination run wild with this treat. 

4. Teeny Tiny Avocados

The avocado craze will never slow down... at least I hope it doesn't. Even though avocados don't keep very long, they are still a great source of protein, something that I've found is harder to come by in college than at home. You can spread avocado on a slide of bread, a rice cake, crackers, or even a sweet potato that you just cooked in the microwave. An entire avocado is more than enough fat for one meal, though. But, if you only eat part of it, then the other half browns right before your eyes and goes to waste. Trader Joe's understands our struggles and they offer a solution – mini avocados! Now you don't have to compromise buying avocados and them going to waste or 

5. Gone! Chocolate Covered Fruit 

Gone Berry Crazy! dark chocolate covered strawberry pieces and Gone Bananas! chocolate covered banana slices are my favorite frozen snacks or desserts. Only 130 calories for four pieces and made with only two ingredients – bananas or strawberries and chocolate! These are an easy treat to keep in your dorm room freezer at all times. Who doesn't crave chocolate? Everyone, exactly. So, when you're craving chocolate, balance it out with a little fruit, too. 

We all need a good snack, whether it's everyday to on occasion, you will never go wrong with these Trader Joe's finds.