Everyone knows that exercise and eating nutrient-rich foods are the keys to a healthy lifestyle.  But at college it's easy to forget this.  There are midterms and papers and a lot of sleepless nights.  This is why Spoon USC's event with Corepower yoga was just what my friends and I needed.  We had a great workout at a free yoga sculpt class, and then got lots of healthy snacks to fuel us for the week.   

Chloe Keywell

I had never taken a Corepower class before, but I love all forms of fitness classes so I could not wait for this event.  The class was led by Spoon USC's very own Mara Lorin, who teaches twice a week at Corepower, and another awesome Corepower instructor, Riley Rudy.    

Chloe Keywell

I walked into the class thinking "it's yoga how hard can it be?".  Well, I was a little wrong about that.  Ten minutes in and my mat was already slippery from sweat.  But, I loved the entire class.  Mara and Riley were so motivating and energetic that I was able to challenge myself and have a great workout.  

The theme of our class on Saturday was to view food as a way to fuel our bodies. This fit right in with all of the amazing brands who partnered with Spoon USC for this event. These brands were Brew Dr. Kombucha, Zuma Valley, Bakeology, Apres Plant Based Protein Drinks, Smashmallow, Four Sigmatic, Lesser Evil Buddha Bowl Popcorn, Popcorners, Dirty Lemon, Morning Recovery, and Vybes.  

Ki-Min Kim

Naturally, I had to try all of them.  I loved Zuma Valley's pinapple coconut balls, and Brew Dr. Kombucha's lavender flavor kombucha was so refreshing after a sweaty workout.    

Samantha Guillet

The snacks I grabbed also saved me through my two midterms this week.  

Four Sigmatic's Golden Latte was just what I needed to energize me for a late night of studying.  For being dairy free, it is surprisingly creamy and has the perfect amount of sweetness.   

Chloe Keywell

Also, shout out to Smashmallow and Lesser Evil Buddha Bowl Popcorn for being great guilt free stress eating snacks.  Smashmallow's Cinnamon Churro SmashCrispy tastes just like a churro, but with no-guilt and better ingredients.  Lesser Evil's Buddha Bowl Popcorn is salty and flavorful, but is low in calories too.  

Anneke Chomyn

Another highlight of the event was trying Bakeology cookies for the first time.  They are the perfect indulgence after a difficult yoga sculpt class or a week of stressful midterms.  And they contain simple ingredients that provide necessary fuel for your body. 

Chloe Keywell

The Corepower yoga sculpt class was the perfect way to start off a healthy and productive weekend, and I loved trying all of the brands.  Thank you Spoon USC and Corepower for reminding me to focus on my health during midterm season!