Like many college students, I took up TikTok as my quarantine hobby. As an avid home cook, I instantly followed tons of cooking accounts. Now that my "For You" page is almost 100% cooking TikToks, I feel like I know the best chefs TikTok has to offer. Here are my eight favorite TikTok chefs:

1. @newt

Newton, or "Newt" makes fun recipe videos that are easy to follow and relaxing to watch.

Why you should follow him: 

He cooks a wide variety of cuisines.

His videos always have entertaining side comments and jokes to keep the mood light.

He doesn't take himself too seriously.

2. @cookingwithshereen

Shereen is a pro in the kitchen—and she wants her followers to be one, too.

Why you should follow her:

She makes gourmet home cooking easy.

She uses all of her own recipes.

She used to be a professional recipe developer for national magazines, so she's the real deal.

3. @jeremyscheck

Jeremy is a college student like me, but a MUCH better chef. He can thank his Spanish and Italian double major at Cornell for that.

Why you should follow him:

His videos are easy to follow and super aesthetically pleasing.

He has a tipsy baking series (or "bipsy") where he shows a drink recipe and baking recipe all in one video.

He proves that you can eat pastries and pasta AND be healthy.

4. @iamtabithabrown

Tabitha Brown is the vegan QUEEN of TikTok.

Why you should follow her:

Her videos radiate positivity.

She proves that pretty much any dish can be made vegan.

Whether or not you're vegan, you'll love her recipes and good vibes.

5. @eitan

Eitan is an 18-year old chef who is a better cook than 99% of adults.

Why you should follow him:

His fast-paced videos are fun to watch and full of energy.

He will get you excited about cooking.

He is an adventurous chef and explores lots of cooking techniques.

6. @kate.ate

Kate is the most chill vegan cook out there.

Why you should follow her:

She's straightforward and easy-going, and so is her cooking.

She shows the reality of quarantine cooking.

You'll definitely relate to her no-bullshit attitude in the kitchen.

7. @the_pastaqueen

If you're obsessed with pasta and Italian accents, this is the TikTok creator for you.

Why you should follow her:

Nadia is Italian, born and raised; her great great great grandparents owned a pasta factory in Southern Italy, so making pasta is literally in her blood.

Nadia and her brother react to other TikTok cooking videos with the funniest commentary.

Not only will you be obsessed with her pasta dishes, but you'll fall in love with her sass and sense of style.

8. @myhealthydish

My is a nutrition fanatic who loves to make simple, delicious dishes.

Why you should follow her:

She makes fun, healthy recipes that are easy to follow and entertaining to watch.

She isn't afraid to try weird food combinations at her followers' request.

She likes to trick her husband with plant-based versions of foods like eggs and burgers.