There is only so much to do while staying at home, but YouTube is making it easier with their #WithMe campaign. The platform is has gathered content of different genres to make it easier than ever to stay connected during this time of physical isolation. For us foodies, one way to pass the time is to watch cooking videos and the 'Cook With Me' community is making it possible. 

Cook With Me Series

Here is a list of some YouTube content creators you might want to watch while stuck at home: 

1. Emma Chamberlain

In this video which is part of the 'Cook With Me' series, Emma Chamberlain takes her viewers through the process of preparing a three course meal. For an appetizer, Chamberlain makes avocado toast sticks. Later in the video, Chamberlain makes a pizza with veggie sausage. Lastly, for dessert, Chamberlain bakes cookies. Chamberlain is making the best out of her current situation and staying connected to her audience through food. 

2. Emmymadeinjapan

Emmymadeinjapan is known for her creative food videos where she tests out the latest viral trends and uploads DIY videos for people of all ages. Emmy's content is definitely eye catching and peaks your curiosity. From baking the brownie batter in Ben and Jerry's to making smooth peanut butter and jelly, Emmy has videos for everyone. 

3. Katie Couric

Katie Couric is taking it to YouTube to stay connected with her audience with stuck at home. In this video, Couric invites well-known Food Network chef, Ina Garten, to help her create an easy and delicious meal. For those who don't cook, this recipe contains less than 10 ingredients and anyone can make it!

4. Hellthy Junk Food

JP Lambiase and Julia Goolia, the masterminds behind HellthyJunkFood, give viewers what they want with their '24 hour' challenges and larger than life food recreation videos. You can easily spend hours watching all of their videos which can definitely help to pass the time which stuck at home. 

5. Alex

Self-taught French chef, Alex, takes viewers into his wonderful world of cooking. From videos about how to make sourdough bread to experimenting with caramel to make barbecue sauce, Alex pushes the limits in the kitchen. You might even begin to pick up some French after watching for a while. Salut!

There are more videos as part of the 'Cook With Me' series on YouTube, but these are just some of my favorites!