Do you eat out every night? Make it through each day with a combination of bars and whatever you can grab for free around campus? Maybe you are just another lost soul like my roommate, and survive on nothing other than ramen noodles and chicken nuggets from a bag. If so, this one is for you. These easy recipes can help you show the world you are to be taken seriously. You are Gwyneth Paltrow and this is your Shakespeare in Love. And how you can cook now, eat later...welcome to The Kitchen!

The Protein

pork, meat, beef, bacon
Kathleen Lee

None of this works without protein. I don't care if you are vegetarian or eat cold cuts with your fingers like our very own bachelor Bad Chad. Protein comes first.

#SpoonTip: Pre marinated pork or turkey loins are cheap and almost impossible to mess up. A friend of mine once left his pork loin in the oven for an extra hour and it was still good to go.

#SpoonWarning: Avoid beef liver at all costs. I tried it for a week, and unless you crave the taste of blood mixed with sand, it is a mistake.

Monday: Pesto Beef Meatballs

Monday is when you are both at your most motivated state, and also not quite ready to start downing salad for every meal in an effort to make up for everything that went down on Friday and Saturday. These meatballs are the perfect combination of tasty and healthy while requiring just enough prep work to give you that "cooked myself something that looked like actual food" sense of achievement. 

#SpoonTip: I like to send my parents pictures of my most aesthetic meals to convince them I'm an actual adult. Success has been limited. 

Tuesday: "Pulled Pork"

Just chop up your pre-cooked meat and add some BBQ sauce. It may not taste like exactly like pulled pork, but unless Gordon Ramsay is coming over, who cares?

Wednesday: Straight Up

This one requires a bit of substitution. The recipe substitutes cauliflower for steak and pairs it with the vegetable of your choice. Unless you are vegetarian, there's no need to do this. Push the cauliflower to the side, add in your pre cooked meat, and you have a healthy, filling recipe to carry you through hump day. 

Thursday: "Beefed Up" Scrambled Eggs

Heat up your cooked meat in a pan and then add in a couple eggs. A little bit of spinach and some chives for a garnish and you have an Instagram-ready breakfast. At the very least, it would get a like from me. Now that I think about it, that might explain why my Instagram explore tab is so weird.

Friday: Chicken Burrito Wrap

sushi, rice, fish, seafood, burrito
Jane Yeo

This is about the limit of how long you can keep chicken and most cooked meats in the fridge. After five days it gets pretty dry and becomes more work to eat than it's worth. That's why Friday's meal is all about disguising the flavor of the meat. You can skip a couple ingredients making this burrito, but make sure you leave in the guacamole and the cherry tomatoes, and hit it with a generous amount of hot sauce.