During a recent NFL game, my dad mentioned that the Miami Dolphins’ uniforms reminded him of orange creamsicles (#StopDadJokes2016). He was referring to the bold NFL Color Rush uniforms, and I couldn’t deny that the creamsicle comparison was completely accurate.

Color Rush jerseys were introduced in 2015 to celebrate 50 years of broadcasting NFL games in color. During each Thursday Night Football (TNF) game, opponents wear two-tone jerseys that exaggerate their signature team colors.

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Building on the "look good, feel good, play good" mantra, this year’s lineup will look even better once they remind you of your favorite foods. Check out your team’s colorful swag and pick up the perfect tailgate snack to go with it.

In the AFC...

1. Baltimore Ravens: Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos

The Ravens nailed it with the ultimate football tailgate party food — Doritos. 

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2. Kansas City Chiefs:  McDonald’s

Kansas City should be saying "I'm lovin' it" to these uniforms. 

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3. Buffalo Bills: Swedish Fish

You can't miss the bold red of these uniforms — just like you can't miss the bold red of Swedish Fish.

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4. Cincinnati Bengals: Candy Corn Pretzel Hugs

Catch the Bengals earning their (orange and black) stripes and make your own here.

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Photo courtesy of Sally's Baking Addiction

5. Miami Dolphins: Orange Creamsicle

I think we can all agree here. Thanks, dad.

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6. Denver Broncos: Sweet Potato Fries

Try your fries at a mile high.

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Amanda Gajdosik

7. Cleveland Browns: Reese's

You know you're #winning anytime Reese's is involved.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars: Fererro Rocher Chocolate

These uniforms are pure gold (just not literally).

9. Pittsburgh Steelers: Mike's Hard Lemonade

The connection to head coach Mike Tomlin was completely unintentional, but it does work nicely.

10. New York Jets: Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Mint

The Jets pulled off a simple, classy look this year with shimmery green and pristine white.

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Ali Barzyk

11. Tennessee Titans: Powerade Mountain Berry Blast

Tennessee is charged up in their electric blue outfits.

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12. San Diego Chargers: Kraft Mac & Cheese

Mac and Chargers, anyone?

13. Indianapolis Colts: Blue Air Heads

The Colts are hoping for some luck in that royal blue uniform.

14. New England Patriots: Crunch Bar

Maybe Tom can't actually have a Crunch bar on his super strict diet, but he sure can look like one.

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Nicole Witte

15. Houston Texans: Rocket Popsicles

Since the Texans were on the road in New England this year, they sported an all white uniform that resembles this childhood favorite.

16. Oakland Raiders: Powdered Donuts

Oakland is looking fresh and clean in these whiteout jerseys (unlike the messy powdered donut experience).

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In the NFC...

1. San Francisco 49ers: Winter Oreos

San Francisco might be sunny and 75, but they can still get a taste of the cold with some Winter Oreos. 

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2. Atlanta Falcons: Berry Smoothie Bowl

Desiigner’s got (smoothie bowls) in Atlanta, and Atlanta happens to have vibrant Color Rush uniforms this year.

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3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Dr. Pepper

The Buccs did it right with deep red and a hint of metallic silver.

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4. Arizona Cardinals: Ritz Football Crackers

It’s like these limited edition Ritz were made specifically for Cardinals fans. Okay, Nabisco, what about the rest of us? 

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Ali Barzyk

5. Green Bay Packers: Cheesy Egg and Greens Breakfast

Wake up, cheese heads, gameday breakfast is on the table. 

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Sasha Kran

6. Washington Redskins: In-N-Out Burger

DC meets LA. This is proof that polar (more like continental) opposites attract. 

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Shalayne Pulia

7. LA Rams: Nesquik

Remember back in the day when Nesquik was a lunchbox necessity? Or when St. Louis still had a team? Haaaaa good times. 

8. Seattle Seahawks: Sprite 

Nothing about Seattle is subtle — that's why their Color Rush uniforms are even more electric with their already bold colors.

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Hannah Linn

9. Philadelphia Eagles: Mint Oreo Brownie Pie

Philly cheesesteaks are something special, but so is this minty Oreo pie

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Wendy Zhou

10. Carolina Panthers: Gatorade Frost Glacier Freeze

Catch Cam Newton's squad sporting the icy blue on TNF. 

11. Chicago Bears: Frosted Flakes

Photographer: "Do you know that pose with Tony the Tiger..."

Kyle Long: "Say no more, fam." 

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12. Detroit Lions: Oreos

You’re lion if you’re saying there is no resemblance. 

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Ali Barzyk

13. Dallas Cowboys: Klondike Bar

 What would you do for a date with Tony Romo? 

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14. New York Giants: 3 Musketeers

Get your Halloween candy fix watching these life-sized 3 Musketeers out on the field. 

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Nicole Witte

15. New Orleans Saints: Godiva Chocolate

These gold accented jerseys will have you thinkin' of Godiva's silky chocolate goodness. 

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Jocelyn Hsu

16. Minnesota Vikings: Willy Wonka

Who's getting the Golden Ticket to the Super Bowl in February?

The NFL is absolutely lit this year with these color combos. Yes, you should check out Thursday Night Football each week for great competition, but more importantly, you should check it out to be reminded of these delicious foods.