Thanksgiving break is meant for relaxing and for taking time off from thinking about college — just kidding, in the eyes of family, Thanksgiving is actually a holiday for answering (the same) questions about school over and over again. So, be thankful for when they have food in their mouths and can't chew your ear off about your life-long goals.

If it helps, take a shot of cider for every time you're asked what your college major is, but if drinking your sorrows isn't your thing, why not make the association of college majors and Thanksgiving more enjoyable? Here's what Thanksgiving dish you are, based on your college major. 

1. Business: Turkey

turkey, chicken
Morgan Goldberg

Business majors seem to think that they are more important than everybody else (*cough, cough* business school students). They compare to the center piece of any Thanksgiving dinner — the turkey. No offense, but just like how the business majors rave about themselves, you'll probably never stop hearing about how the turkey is so great.

2. Education: Sweet Potato Casserole 

sweet, pastry, cake, chocolate, cream, candy, dairy product
Hui Lin

Just like sweet potato casserole, education majors are very sweet.  They provide the same kind of comfort you can get out of a warm bite of sweet potatoes and marshmallows.  

3. Engineering: Gravy

coffee, espresso, tea, chocolate
Adeena Zeldin

Gravy can save a bland turkey or spice up flavorless mashed potatoes.  Similar to gravy, engineers have the ability to provide a quick fix for any problem.  They work really hard, but they make it seem effortless, so their work tends to get overlooked. Just like people don't always realize the power of gravy, people don't always recognize the power of engineers.

4. History: Stuffing

meat, vegetable
Helena Lin

Stuffing has a lot going on, but when it all comes together, it actually ends up being quite simple. Students majoring in history tend to know a little bit about everything. Some people may dismiss it as boring and stick it in the rear end, but like stuffing, it's an important part of life and an essential part of the Thanksgiving meal. 

5. English: Mashed Potatoes 

cream, dairy product, milk, mashed potatoes, ravioli, dumpling, dairy, sweet
Helena Lin

English majors and mashed potatoes can be viewed as simple, but with simplicity comes the ability to be creative. English majors can make (almost) any book or any piece of writing sound interesting — just like mashed potatoes can make (almost) any meal more appealing. 

6. Political Science: Cranberry Sauce

jam, sweet, berry, marmalade, gelatin, cranberry sauce, compote
Helena Lin

Politics can make anybody feel a little bitter, much like the taste of cranberry sauce.  Thanksgiving dinners both in the White House and at our tables are going to be a little more tangy after 2016, but just like cranberry sauce, at Thanksgiving, conversation surrounding politics is inevitable. 

7. Communications: Pecan Pie

pecan, caramel, sauce, pie
Amanda Shulman

Pecan pie and communications can both get you into sticky situations.  People that you interview for stories can be a little nutty — just like pecan pie.  

8. Chemistry: Green Bean Casserole 

vegetable, meat, chicken, rice, seafood, sauce
Morgan Nielsen

Being a chemistry major and eating green bean casserole might not be the most desirable things in the world, but they have their benefits. Plus, chemistry has the ability to teach you how your body processes Thanksgiving dinner, and green bean casserole is (kind of) healthy.  

9. Theater: Corn Bread

cream, dairy product, milk, pudding, custard
Alex Weiner

Theater majors may hear the corny cliché, "Good luck finding a job." However, both theater majors and corn bread have the potential to be great. Theater is a major, but it's also a passion, and although cornbread is an appetizer, it's yummy enough that you could be content with it as a meal (as long as you had 8+ pieces). 

There might be better things to talk about than college majors at Thanksgiving dinner, but let's face it, that will never happen.  Embrace the fact that your major is something your family cares about. Make a game out of it, compare your major to Thanksgiving foods, or even start comparing your family to foods. Go crazy. It's Thanksgiving — the possibilities are endless.