This past summer, people were brewing up Oreo beer at the Texas State Fair. Some people reported that it was actually good, and more expectedly, others said, ehhhh it was OK. Oreo and beer just don't seem like the perfect match. However, on the other hand, I would imagine another brew would taste amazing—Oreos and coffee. Soon you'll be able to try it out (without throwing actual chunks of cookies into your mug) with Coffee-mate's new Cookies & Cream Creamer. 

JunkBanter, an Instagram account that leaks all the best snacks and foods coming to grocery stores, posted a photo of the creamer on Monday. "Pretty soon you’ll be able to drink cookies for breakfast with Nestle Coffee-mate’s Cookies & Cream coffee creamer. It’s cookies and cream, and cream," they wrote in a caption. 

Not like this holiday season soon, but soon enough the creamer will be in stores. Pop Sugar spoke to a rep at Nestlé who confirmed that the creamer would be released by early February. But don't worry, post-holidays, the next two-ish months will fly by and you'll be drinking cookies & cream in your morning cup of heaven in no time.