Massive bottles of cold brew that I can keep in my fridge are a lifesaver during the summer. As a working college student, I have neither the time nor money to waste on going to Dunkin' or Starbucks every time I want my fix. However, I can rarely make it through the afternoon without an icy glass of iced-coffee. My solution? I always make sure to stock up on the largest bottles of ready-to-drink cold brew that I can find as soon as the temperature gets above 60 degrees.

Up until recently, Starbucks has cornered the market on grocery store cold brew. We've all come to know and respect the large black bottle of coffee in the refrigerated section, but a newcomer has arrived to challenge the retail chain—Coffee-Mate. Coffee-Mate (known for their incredible flavors ranging from classic hazelnut to new Cookies and Cream), has released their own line of cold brew coffee that is here to save us all from our mid-afternoon energy drop.

Cold Brew Taken to the Next Level

Photo courtesy of Coffee-Mate

As a part of their Natural Bliss product line, Coffee-Mate cold brew contains only all-natural ingredients and is available at your local grocery store in two delicious flavors: Sweet Cream and Mocha. Like their famous creamers, their cold brew has just the right amount of sweetness and is so smooth that it almost feels like you're downing a milkshake. I tried a cup of the mocha and it was hard to believe that I was drinking coffee from a grocery store, rather than from a bougie coffee shop. Coffee that tastes like a dessert? Say no more, I'm officially on board.

At only $4.99 per 46-ounce bottle, Coffee-Mate's Natural Bliss Cold Brew is perfect for people like me who need at least three cups of coffee a day, but can only afford one. Already containing flavoring and cream, Coffee-Mate cold brew is also the solution to your hectic morning. Why mess around trying to get that perfect creamer-to-coffee ratio when the work has already been done for you? And with flavor to rival your favorite Frappuccino, you'll never have to worry about sacrificing the taste of a professional barista-made drink for the convenience of ready-to-drink-coffee.