I've never been a coffee lover, but when I started my sophomore year in high school, it only took a few weeks for me to realize I was going to need a morning caffeine boost to get me through my long days. Starbucks' Chai Tea Latte's had always been a personal favorite, so I knew that tea was an option to get my caffeine.

I had already begun to drink tea at night to help me relax, so I figured it could be a simple alternative to coffee in the morning. I'll be the first one to admit I like to sleep in, and I didn't want making tea to take up a large amount of time. I was looking for a quick, simple tea fix to get me going, but I needed a tea hack to make the tea taste a little less bland. I took it upon myself to create a simple, yet delicious option.

My Tips and Tricks

Allie Kantor

To make my tea more palatable, I add a splash of coffee creamer. I know it seems a little unconventional, but trust me, this tea hack really works. Coffee creamer adds a mild sweetness and a more silky texture to the tea making it much more enjoyable in the morning.

I often brew 2-3 servings of tea the night before and store them in mason jars. This way, I have a few days worth of tea pre-made, and all I have to do is heat it up in the microwave.

#SpoonTip: Mason jars are very functional, plus the aesthetic is a nice bonus. They make great vehicles for saladsovernight oats, and even sushi

Sometimes, I don't have time to make any tea ahead of time. When this happens (which is most of the time), I heat the water in the microwave and pour it into a thermos. I then put my tea bag, or bags, into the thermos with the coffee creamer and honey. By the time I get to school, the tea is brewed and ready to drink during first block. I like this option when I'm extra tired because it produces a stronger tea due to the longer brewing time.

Flavor Combos

Some of my favorite coffee creamer flavors to use are Italian sweet cream and vanilla. Either of these flavors pair really well with both Chai tea and English Breakfast. My recent favorite has been Twinings of London English Breakfast tea with one tablespoon of honey and a splash of Coffee Mate Italian Sweet Cream creamer. Any flavor combinations work though; I've yet to find a bad one. 

The Bottom Line 

Tea is a great morning alternative to coffee. Putting coffee creamer in your tea not only makes it smoother and more flavorful, but it makes your tea completely customization. It may not be the fanciest option, but it's a delicious, feasible option for both high school and college students. There are endless flavors of tea and coffee creamers, so you have the freedom to create your own favorite combination. Caffeine and the tea aesthetic is a complete win win if you ask me.