Coca-Cola just announced that they will be benching Coke Zero for a new drink: Coke Zero Sugar. Due to the Coke Zero product being confusing to some consumers, the new name and slight formula tweaking are being utilized in order to increase transparency and understanding. 

Here is everything you need to know about the new Coke product and whether you should be stocking up on Coke Zero. 

Why the Change? 

Coca-Cola announced "a reinvention of Coke Zero" because, apparently, no one knows what Coke Zero is. There has been some confusion on the sugar content of Coke Zero, which is honestly slightly bizarre because why would a zero calorie drink have sugar(?). The new name, Coke Zero Sugar, makes the nutritional content as "clear and descriptive as possible." 

It's low-key sad that we need a new name for Coke Zero to clarify this fact, but it is 2017, so anything goes. 

The "New" Drink

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Rodger Macuch/Coca-Cola Co.

The new Coke Zero Sugar is going to be made with the same ingredients you know (or probably don't know), and love, but there will be some slight formula changes. It's going to taste a lot like regular Coca-Cola, so don't be too worried.  

The main thing to get ready for is a large marketing shift. The new can has similar vibes to the OG Coca-Cola can, but the black lining makes the zero definitely clear. According to Duane Stanford, an executive editor at Beverage Digest who talked to USA Today, the new soda is a lot "about the package redesign and repositioning."

What Does This Actually Mean (If Anything)? 

People are freaking out on Twitter and planning to stockpile Coke Zero by the case. Which is kind of funny (er sad?) because it's going to be the same — Coke is just confusing people even more. Here are some of the craziest reactions. 

This is the exact reason that Coke Zero Sugar exists. 

"Nothing else matters today." Bold statement. 

This is such an emotional plea that I kind of want to buy him a can. 

Literally iconic and such a tbt. 

Honestly, people are freaking out about it, but there is not too much to worry about. Coke Zero Sugar is basically Coke Zero with just some different marketing, so don't stock up yet. It's going to be OK people, it's going to be OK.