Unless you're a chef, telling the difference between cilantro vs parsley is a real struggle. Because these two herbs look almost identical, it's easy to add one to your shopping cart when you meant to grab the other. However, differentiating between cilantro vs parsley is crucial to making an authentic chutney or chimichurri (not to mention the many other dishes that use these herbs). Because parsley and cilantro have two distinct tastes, you can rarely use one in place of the other. To help you avoid future cooking disasters, here's how to tell the difference between these fresh herbs. 

The Look: Cilantro vs Parsley 

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Both cilantro and parsley are green herbs with long stalks and flat leaves. The best way to distinguish cilantro from parsley is though the leaf's shape. Cilantro's leaves are more rounded while parsley's leaves are more pointed. 

#SpoonTip: Remember: C for curved cilantro, P for pointed parsley. 

Taste/Scent: Cilantro vs Parsley 

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The easiest way to distinguish cilantro vs parsley is through their taste and smell, because that's where the two differ the most. Parsley has a pretty mild taste and scent so you may not be able to identify it based on these qualities alone. But if you're trying to decide between cilantro and parsley, you'll usually be able to tell because cilantro has a very distinct, almost metallic scent and taste. Some people believe it has a soapy, flavor; however, fans of the herb note its citrus taste.

When to Use Cilantro 

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The leaves, roots, and stems of cilantro are all used in cooking. Cilantro leaves are used in many Asian and Mexican dishes, such as guacamole and Indian chutneys. Cilantro also pairs well with lime; this flavor combo is popular in soups and side dishes like rice. Because cilantro has such a strong taste it's usually used in small amounts. 

#SpoonTip: Cilantro is also often referred to as coriander.

When to Use Parsley 

Typically, just the leaves of parsley are used in recipes, and they're usually just a garnish. Parsley is often used in Middle Eastern cooking, but it's also used as a seasoning in soups and sauces from all different cuisines. Some of the more popular dishes that parsley is used in include pestochimichurri sauce, tabbouleh, and pastas

Though shopping for herbs can be intimidating, once you know what you're looking for it's actually be quite easy. To extend the shelf life of your fresh parley or cilantro, make sure to store your herbs the right way. After all, if you put in that much effort to tell the difference between cilantro vs parsley, you want to make sure you can enjoy it for as long as possible.