I am here to help guide you through any hunger predicament and let you know what is worth your time. There are clearly some church snacks that will do more good for you than others. 

peanut butter, butter, sweet, peanut
Kimberly Fu


The holy grail of church snacks. Probably one of the easiest to find. Just walk down to your local children’s ministry and just sneak a few. A pro tip is become a children’s church teacher and then you can eat as much as your heart desires. Goldfish can really come in handy when you’re in a pinch. I believe it’s possible to get full on small fish crackers.

bagel, doughnut
Ellery Simpson


If you’re lucky enough to go to a church that gives bagels to their volunteers in the morning, join a service team! This isn’t the only reason to join one, but it’s definitely nice to have a bagel in the morning before service starts.

doughnut, chocolate, sweet, pastry, sprinkles, candy, cake, dough
Caroline Grew


This is something that cool churches are starting to do, they are adding donut walls as part of their décor. Which is really handy for someone who needs a sugar boost and they just look cute.

coffee, cappuccino, espresso, milk, mocha, cream
Alex Frank


If all else fails, there is always coffee. It can be a meal. It’s always good in a pinch, it gives you energy and can help hold you over for a while. I’ve relied on this one maybe too much.

wine, alcohol, liquor, ice, red wine, juice, cocktail
Alex Frank

Communion Cup

This is when you know you are at your lowest. You know those sad looking tiny cups that hold both the grape juice and a tiny wafer? Often the grape juice tastes like cough syrup and hand sanitizer. The wafer almost might be made from styrofoam, but I’m not sure. This really isn’t a great option, but who knows the little boost might be what you need. Well maybe if you eat like 25 cups of it, but I’m not sure if that would be appetizing.

berry, grape, juice, pasture, sweet
Kristine Mahan

Hawaiian Bread and a Grape

Now this is when you know you’ve made it. I haven’t actually been in a situation where this is available to me, but just imagine it. Hawaiian bread is the best bread given to us. It’s sweet and fluffy. A fresh grape with a little bit of a snap when you bite it is the best thing you can have on a Sunday morning.

pretzel, sweet, candy, doughnut, pastry
Allie Koestler


This is another great children’s ministry snack and all you have to do go snag a few. There are crunchy and salty. You can curb your hunger pretty well if you eat enough of them.

An honorable mention to the BGMC days

If you were lucky enough to grow up in a children’s ministry that had a BGMC service that included a snack from the country that you were learning about. You were the luckiest kid. This is one of the rarest church snacks, but you need to take advantage when you have the opportunity. 

I hope that this was helpful and insightful for those of you that find no hope in the snacks that you see in passing at church. Anything is possible if you eat enough communion cups.