Christmas traditions are some of the best and most memorable. My favorites include putting up tacky decorations throughout my house with my family as we blast Christmas tunes and sing obnoxiously, and baking delicious cookies with my mom year after year. Though her homemade Christmas treats are truly my favorites, there are certain store-bought ones that prove to be contenders.

Not all of these treats are holiday-exclusive, but they become the best when the end of the year is near (hello, 2018!). Here are, arguably, five of the greatest Christmas treats of all time.

1. Winter Oreos

Oreos are a quality snack at all times of the year, but they reach their peak during Christmastime. The red dye mixed with the signature Oreo cream brings something special to this classic dessert, and it's still one of the most timeless treats out there.

2. Peppermint Bark

candy, peppermint, fudge, milk
Laura Santi

Peppermint bark takes two of the greatest things, chocolate and candy canes, to the next level. What a sweet combination. Plus, it's a blast to make your own peppermint bark to celebrate the holidays.

3. Disney World's Rice Krispie Treats

No one can argue that Rice Krispies are some of the greatest snacks. Mix that with a little Christmas and Disney magic, and you get one of the greatest Christmas treats ever. Disney's best treats don't stop at these Rice Krispies, though – peek at the other magical foods they've got to offer.

4. Candy Canes

candy, chocolate, sweet, holiday, Christmas, peppermint
Jocelyn Hsu

There's no way this classic treat could be left off of this Christmas list. After all, according to Buddy the Elf, they're one of the four main food groups (the second, to be exact). Candy canes are perfect for an on-the-go treat that brings back some childhood memories, too.

5. Decorated Sugar Cookies

cream, cake
Isabelle Langheim

These cookies are the epitome of a wonderful holiday season. They'e cute, they're Christmas-y, and they're often made with the people you love. There are many different kinds of Christmas cookies, but these classic frosted treats are where it's at.

Though these treats aren't all homemade, take a stab at those that are. Spend some time with the people you love during the best holiday season and get snacking!