Everyone knows Chris Pratt. Beloved actor, perfect husband, and overall hilarious human being. Well, if you didn't know already, Chris is also the king of Instagram. Whether he's trolling JLaw or poking fun at himself, I think we can all agree he runs the most relatable and entertaining account out there.

If ab pics weren't enough to get you on his page, he now has a mini-series going on his feed called "What's My Snack" where he takes all of us eager fans through what his snack is for the day while he films his new movie. 

In the first video, Chris comes to us from the set of Jurassic World 2. If you've seen the first movie or if you've just seen Chris Pratt lately, you'd know he gets ridiculously jacked for these movies. In perhaps the most relatable of his videos Chris spends a while just trying to read out the name of his snack full of superfoods like chia. He's clearly new to the superfoods game and it's kind of adorable.

Chris isn't lying to us about dieting. He knows it sucks, but he's trying to make the best of it. He shows us his questionable looking *I mean delicious* egg cucumber rolls assuring us that even though they don't look great they taste pretty good. You have to admire his dedication. When it comes to choosing cucumbers over pizza, celebrities struggle just like us. 

You can't help but feel bad for the poor guy, he's just so hungry sometimes. Chris also shows the world those times it's just too hard to keep to your diet. Sometimes you have to break the rules. We're all reckless sometimes with our eating habits, like cooking up a cheesy, gooey mess of a late night snack when you know it's probably better just to go to sleep.

Pratt also can't resist and late-night snack. The feeling of trying to eat just a bit and ending up devouring the whole fridge before bed could not be more relatable. No shame, Chris.

Well, maybe a little shame. He want's you to know he doesn't get hung up on food because "ain't like that." But c'mon, don't we all get a little hung up on food sometimes? I could definitely lose my cool over a piece of cake.

Finally, Chris shows us his #cheatsnack and we can die happy knowing how much he enjoyed his treat.

If you're not convinced to go follow Chris Pratt on Instagram based on the pure relatability and hilariousness of this segment, you should know there also tons of singing, rapping, and of course, shout outs to the lovely Anna Farris. Oh, and a super catchy theme song you'll be singing to yourself everytime you eat your own snack.

You've come a long way and you look great, Andy Dwyer. Please keep sharing your snack adventures with us.