For the first time ever, KIND Snacks is giving their fans the opportunity to choose its next bar flavor in a nationwide "Raise the Bar" contest. The contest is aided by celebrity chef Daphne Oz, who is fabulous and life goals AF.  

Mark your calendars because from May 9th to May 31st, 2017, KIND fans can, and should, vote for one of four new potential flavors:

1) Sangria

This flavor would contain mixed nuts, pomegranate, tart cherry, and orange zest. It's sure to be a 10/10. However, I am sad to report that these bars will not actually contain alcohol. 

2) Sesame Seaweed Wasabi

This flavor will be a combination of seaweed, peanut, sesame and wasabi. This is for sure a flavor that I would be dying to try. 

3) Pistachio Cardamom Fig

This will be a combination of pistachio, cardamom and fig. I'm not going to lie, I had to Google cardamom. From what I've learned, fans would not be disappointed with this flavor. 

4) Sweet Pretzel Crunch

This combination of mixed nuts, salted caramel and pretzels is everything that dreams are made of. 

KIND will make a limited batch of the winning flavor to ship out to voters later in the summer. 

The thought process behind KIND Snacks launching this contest stems from the fact that costumers' taste buds never seem to be satisfied.  It seems like around every corner there is another flavor mash-up. A few of my favorite mash-ups include: sushi, burritos, cronuts and even the Unicorn Frappe (but this is another story for another time). 

The campaign kicked off this morning with a public service announcement hosted by Daphne. The PSA, which was produced and distributed by The Onion, draws attention to the Restless Palate Syndrome epidemic. 

So what is Restless Palate Syndrome? In the PSA, Daphne defines it as, "your tastebuds are constantly craving new flavors, and even with the array of choices available, your tongue fears missing out. This leads to symptoms like: spontaneous drooling, lethargic tongue and the uncontrollable urge to combine random foods."  

Through KIND's "Raise the Bar" contest, KIND is working to combat Restless Palate Syndrome by creating delicious, new and creative offerings to help satisfy their consumers' taste buds. 

You can go ahead and start voting here