As a holiday gift to chocoholics everywhere, Twix has released a new variety this month: Twix Triple Chocolate Cookie Bar. Because I'm a food writer and because I'm definitely not going to say no to an assignment where I get to eat candy in the interest of journalism, I tried the new treat. Here's what I thought.

Triple Chocolate, You Say?

Yes, triple chocolate. Much like its predecessors Peanut Butter Twix and White Chocolate Twix, Twix Triple Chocolate Cookie Bar uses the same basic formula: cookie, topped with caramel, dipped in chocolate. The difference here is that all three components are chocolate-flavored. 

But, What If I Love Regular Twix?

I feel your pain. I'm a purist when it comes to candy bars. I love a classic Snickers, but won't touch a Snickers Almond or Snickers Peanut Butter. Same with M&M's: plain or peanut is great, but none of this caramel or white chocolate noise. The only exception to this rule is Dark Chocolate Reese's. Don't @ me. This is not debatable.

So, How Does It Taste?

In short, really good, and this is coming from someone who definitely didn't expect to like it. As I said, I love a Twix—it's my second favorite candy bar, topped only by Baby Ruth. (Again, Baby Ruth's superiority is empirical fact, so. Do. Not. @. Me.) The candy bar wizards at Mars—I'm pretty sure that's their official title but did not fact check this—managed to preserve everything that's good about Twix, and just add more chocolatey-ness to it. The milk chocolate exterior is still perfectly sweet, the caramel ideally chewy and the cookie savory enough to balance all of it out. Below is a picture of the actual one I tried.

Julie Tremaine

When I tasted Twix Triple Chocolate Cookie Bar, I did an informal poll in my house. Four of us tried it: two said we liked it as much as we like regular Twix, one liked it so much that he ate a whole other one—without my permission, which allowed me to fake a mini-tantrum about how I "needed that candy bar for work." (If you have the opportunity to choose a career where you can utter that sentence, do it.) The fourth doesn't like milk chocolate and is therefore disqualified from this survey, and also from my friendship.

One thing I noticed when eating Twix Triple Chocolate Cookie Bar is that the added cocoa flavor also had a slight undertone of good coffee, which made me remember how much I like the morning combination of a Twix and a cup of joe. Sugar and caffeine is the preferred breakfast of on-deadline editors everywhere—it's a pro tip you won't get in journalism school. Seriously, try it. Though, who are we kidding? You probably already have.