Calling all Greek yogurt fans, this is the product you've been waiting for. Instead of scooping out of your breakfast yogurt stash to make healthier versions of your favorite dips and spreads, Chobani has come up with the most genius food invention since sliced bread. 

Chobani has recently gone through a massive rebranding, along with releasing several new products. In addition to a range of aesthetically-pleasing labels, they have new lines of "Hint of Flavor" Greek yogurts, new "Flips" flavors, and non-Greek Smooth Yogurt.

Most exciting of all, Chobani Savor squeezable Greek yogurt tubes have recently started hitting grocery store shelves across the country. So what makes this squeezable Greek yogurt so special?


Photo courtesy of Chobani

There are currently two varieties of Chobani Savor available. They are both made entirely from a combination of milk and cream. One is low fat plain and the other is whole milk plain. Both are available in 14 oz squeezable bag containers. 

Both are also a fantastic alternative to sour cream, with fewer calories and less fat, along with more protein and calcium per serving. No matter which you choose, they are triple strained to make them extra thick and creamy, perfect for squeezing.


Up until now, Greek yogurt was only available in single serving containers and large tubs. That made it extremely inconvenient for adding to dishes like you would any other condiment. Now, just like ketchup, mayonnaise, or mustard, you can squeeze a bit of Greek yogurt on whatever you're making and reseal the container with ease. 


Greek yogurt can be used in a huge variety of both sweet and savory dishes. The new Chobani Savor's extra thick and creamy texture, in addition to the squeezable and resealable bag, make it perfect for—you guessed it—savory applications.

Below are a few recipes that I can't wait to try using Chobani Savor.

Tzatziki Dip

This Greek dip is most traditionally served on a gyro, loaded with things like meat, fresh veggies, and maybe some French fries, but it's delicious enough to eat with just about anything. It's super simple to make, which means it's a great introduction into cooking for beginners. 

Vegetarian Chili

With so much research coming out about the health benefits of a plant-based diet, vegetarian chili is sure to be a weekly staple in many kitchens when the weather gets chilly. Instead of topping your bowl with a large dollop of sour cream, try using Chobani Savor for an extra boost of protein with less fat. 


I put labneh, a creamy spread, on pretty much everything. Try using Chobani Savor, which is thicker than traditional Greek yogurt to cut down on the draining time when making it from scratch.

Tomato Soup

Tomato soup, or any pureed veggie-centric soup for that matter, needs a little something creamy to bring it to the next level. Squeeze a bit of Chobani Savor in the middle and use a knife or toothpick to swirl for an instantly Instagrammable bowl.

As you can see, Chobani Savor makes it that much easier to eat Greek yogurt with every single meal throughout the day. Next time you're at the local grocery store, stop by the dairy isle to grab yourself a tube.