To be an Olympian and to train for such rigorous sports must require a strict diet...right? Gold medalist Chloe Kim isn't one to conform to this rule, and it's amazing. Unlike most celeb diets, the Chloe Kim diet is pretty unrestricted. As an Olympic snowboarder, her calorie intake should range between 2,200-3,200 calories so that she has enough energy come competition time. 

"I love food...just thinking about taking my favorite foods out of my diet would absolutely crush me," she confessed during an interview with POPSUGAR. Same, Chloe, same. Still not convinced her diet is as normal as it sounds? Below, I've listed what a typical day on Chloe Kim's plate looks like. 


Similar to Michael Phelps, a hearty breakfast is needed to fuel her for the three-hour straight snowboarding practice she has in the morning. Whether it be chocolate pancakes, biscuits and gravy, toast, cottage cheese, or waffles, Chloe Kim starts off her day as a happy camper with a happy stomach.


Pizza is the food of the younger generation– it's easily accessible, cheap, and delicious. So it's not hard to see why it would be just a small part of this teen's diet. 

Post Workout

After feasting on lunch, she rides the halfpipe for a few more hours and the gym. Certified strength and conditioning specialist, Mike Clancy, told SELF that her movements are very advanced and that "the percentage of people that can actually do these correctly and effectively is small." After all of this exercise, a little snack never hurt anybody. I, for one, would definitely treat myself after intense workouts. 

Lucky for her, some kind soul listened to her plea for the sweet treat and brought her a small pint for her to consume during her press interviews.


The key component that is missing from the picture above is the caption –"We're going to In-N-Out." Chloe Kim, just like all foodies, has such a hard time choosing which dinner place to dine in but sometimes DoorDash and Postmates are just the easy way out. You can catch her eating at places like In-N-Out, Chipotle, or her favorite restaurant, Sugarfish.

Most of the time her dinner just depends on her mood (I can relate). 

"I eat whatever I crave; that's who I am!" Chloe Kim told POPSUGAR.

What an icon.