Late last year, Kettle Brand released a snazzy new twist to their line of interesting chip flavors: KOREAN BARBECUE. If you didn't get excited just by reading that, I don't know what could.

As a Korean American and a lover of food, I believe that Korean barbecue is a lot of things. It's flavorful, delicious, exquisite, divine, beautiful, eye-opening, celestial - the list doesn't end. 

The moment I laid my eyes on Kettle Brand's environmentally sustainable royal purple bag in the chip aisle, I plunged forward to grab it. Korean barbecue? Is this a dream? How is it that these Korean barbecue flavored chips never showed up in some trending article on my newsfeed? Well, citizens of the internet, I've come to introduce you to a new world. 

Kettle Brand's Korean Barbecue (고기집) Potato Chips

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Jane Yeo

Behold, the glorious Korean Barbecue flavored potato chips. I painfully listened to my stomach grumbling as I waited for the sun to shine through my windows. I had to photograph this beautifully vibrant chip bag with the natural light it deserves.

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Jane Yeo

The deed is done, the doers not undone. I ripped the side of the bag, folded it like I was practicing a chip ritual, and picked the chip that would claim first place to my stomach (and my heart). I took a whiff of the fragrant, smoky insides of the bag and proceeded to eat the chip.

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Jane Yeo

Was it the taste of brisket? Short ribs? Beef tongue? I couldn't quite match the taste to a specific cut of meat, but I could definitely sense a combination of the marinated goodness usually served at KBBQ restaurants. 

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Jane Yeo

After a few seconds, I realized these chips tasted a lot like Lay's barbecue flavored chips. But after reaching for a few more, I seemed to distinguish what I was eating. 

There was a certain smokiness that resembled the charcoal usually used to fire up the grills in KBBQ restaurants. Additionally, I was taken aback by how spicy these fellas were. It slowly hit me as my hand kept disappearing in the bag. It wasn't enough to stimulate my tear ducts, but then again, anything is possible. 

These chips were very earthy and sweet with just the right amount of salt in the mix. I wouldn't rely on these chips to completely fulfil my Korean barbecue craving, but they do a great job of helping me forget that there isn't a KBBQ restaurant near me. 

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Jane Yeo

All in all, if you enjoy barbecue-flavored chips, then Kettle Brand's Korean twist is definitely a flavor you should try. If you don't know your favorite chip flavor, maybe you should go find out

Kettle Brand's Korean barbecue flavored chips is a great snack to have at a mixer or a fun event that involves food. It should be available in your nearest grocery store, so head on over and grab one.