This past week, Chipotle has decided to bless the world with six new item releases that all came out on the same day. While some of the items were either from the secret menu or things that you probably did on your own time, you can now break up with the hassle of wondering when these items would be on the menu since now they're here to stay. On that note, here's what you need to know about Chipotle's new items.

What are these items?

The new items include nachos, quesadillas, avocado tostada, an updated salad, a chocolate milkshake, and a paloma. 

#SpoonTip: having tried the new menu releases for myself IRL when they were released, I'd recommend the nachos, avocado tostada, and the salad with the paloma, and the quesadillas with the chocolate milkshake.

Diving deeper into the new menu offerings, the nachos come in Chipotle's iconic bowl and consists of five ingredients including tortilla chips, queso, salsa, lettuce, and your choice of beans. For the quesadillas, they're cut in two halves and have an ingredient list comprising of cheese and your choice of either meat, fajitas, veggies, or sofritas.

Next up on the list is the new avocado tostada which is Chipotle's avocado toast and how they stand out from boring old Taco Bell. Ingredients for the dish include a corn tortilla (duh) with guac (which in this case isn't extra), choice of salsa, lettuce, and cheese. 

Following the avocado tostada is a new salad known as the 'Spring Salad.' Technically speaking, salads aren't new to Chipotle, but the 'Spring Salad' is a new thing. The salad includes Romaine lettuce, Tuscan Oak, Tuscan Red Leaf, and Lolla Rosa topped with an avocado vinaigrette.

In terms of the drinks, there's the chocolate milkshake. It has quite the personality, as for it has a kick of cinnamon to it. The chocolate's on the richer side, but it's not obnoxious. In terms of its texture and how it squares up to the other milkshakes in the land of the milkshake, it could be left out for hours upon hours without breaking a sweat... aka no, it won't melt on you.

Then there's the paloma. This new menu addition is a frozen margarita, and it will definitely get you drunk if you have one too many of them. The margarita itself is on the sterner side aka it's not sweet and will pair well with basically everything that Chipotle has to offer. 

Where are they available?

To start, they're available only at Chipotle's NEXT Kitchen that's located on 6th Avenue and 13th Street in New York. In essence, Chipotle's NEXT Kitchen is where new items are released and tried out before they're rolled out into Chipotle locations state and nationwide. A good thing about the NEXT Kitchen is that it's relatively lowkey and has great window lighting, which will make eating your food in peace more possible. 

For those of us in New York that are fortunate enough to experience the new menu releases, here's my advice; RUN and get and your hands on them stat. Walking might be the safer option, but when food's involved, it's time to run. However, if the nachos are the hottest item on the menu and are out of stock more than they're in stock... don't say that I didn't tell you first 'cause I did.